Wedding dress inspiration – Ralph and Russo Couture Spring 2017

Initially I thought of just throwing all the outfits from the Spring 2017 couture collections in one post but the Elie Saab one was too long already. So here are the other two designers that caught my eye: Ralph and Russo and Georges Hobeika

Ralph & Russo images from Vogue, Georges Hobeika images from Georges Hobeika


That gold detailing on an abaya tho… ok since I’m not wearing an abaya – that detailing on a kebaya, or a baju kurung *cries*


Add sleeves to this and I can see myself wearing it. Although I might have to wear a corset right?




Obviously I cannot wear this but THE COLOUR ARGH THE DRAPING AAARGHH


If this one had 2 sleeves I would go look for it right now. It would be a glorified baju butterfly and I’d be comfy and my mother would be so done (she is probably the most anti-baju butterfly person I’ve ever met in my life; she’s like omg what if ur husband can’t stand baju butterfly but I got the baju butterfly green light from the mat early in our relationship aha)


The detailing is so exquisite?? I am not a big fan of lavender on myself but this is stunning


Blue and gold again!! And flappy sleeves! It’s like these designers know my hopes and dreams and make these gowns that I will never wear.


If I wanted to win “most extra wedding outfit” amongst my cousins this would be it.