Stress or mess?

So the belif moisturizer sample I had been using for about.. a month? or two? had run out. I decided to go back to one that had worked previously – the Clinique Moisture Surge.

I don’t know if my skin got mad sensitive over the years or it was never that great to begin with or something – it actually dried the skin on my cheeks?? I have dry patches now, which is ridiculous because I haven’t had dry patches for at least a year. Which means it’s likely that this damn expensive moisturizer could have been the culprit that was causing my dry patches. And now I also have pimples on the centre of my face that just refuse to go away. Brilliant. Thank you, Clinique.

Another thing on the list and the clock is ticking.



Deep thoughts – Consumerism, makeup, project panning, and all that jazz

2017 was the year where I told myself I had to use up everything I had. I was getting bored of the few makeup and skincare items I owned, so I went on a buying spree in end 2016 during the Black Friday/festive season periods and in early 2017 when some websites had some really good deals. It wasn’t a lot compared to what I see other people talk about; I didn’t buy thousands of dollars’ worth of products, but it was a lot for me. Initially I was excited and eager to use the new things I had, but slowly I felt overwhelmed.
Combined with the ticking clock aka me having to move out by March 2018, I decided the time to use as much as possible was now. I brought in more products over the year – mostly Korean skincare because western products hadn’t done much and I desperately wanted to have the glowing, clear skin of my dreams – but I used up a lot, too. Looking back at what I bought, there were few things I regretted purchasing this year because I did intensive research on the products I was interested in and I did much less impulse buying. I think the only things I bought impulsively in 2017 were masks from Europe (a heating mask sounded cool don’t judge me), a setting powder from Amsterdam (supposedly “anti-acne”), and sheet masks.
This year I decided, again, to save all the items I had used up and take a good look at them at the end of the year. It helped me a lot when I did this in 2016. I saw a lot of things I didn’t really enjoy and when looking at all the products of a specific group (e.g. Moisturizers) I had used up in a year I learnt what worked for me and what didn’t. But in 2017 I took it to the next level and created a simple inventory. That was a sobering document, seeing all the things I bought and how much I had spent. I think looking at that total and how many items I had also deterred me from making impulse purchases for many product groups. If I already had 7 moisturizers, did I really need to buy an 8th one just because people are recommending it? Certainly not until I had used up some, if not all of what I owned.
Thanks to the inventory,  I learnt that I’ve used up 96 products amounting to $769.12. That cost is the nett price I paid for products. It doesn’t include the cost of any gifts or free samples, and any deluxe/travel sized products I bought were divided according to the price I paid e.g. If 5 products were in a pack for $20, I considered each product to be $4. I didn’t do the complicated process of calculating based on the price of the full sized product. I think if I did that the total would be higher.
So at the end of last year I took out everything I used and laid it all out:

(The ziplock packets were full of masks and samples, I couldn’t bring myself to take those out because it would become very messy very quickly. Also, 4 cotton pads packages not pictured)

My first reaction was “Holy shit this is a lot of stuff”, because for some reason even though I saw the numbers in the inventory it didn’t seem like a lot physically since it all fit in the top shelf of my vanity. After the initial WTF moment I felt proud that I finished all of this because I’m the idiot who saves good things instead of using them and then the good things go bad. This year I mostly overcame that mentality except for a few instances (pretty eyeshadow palettes, I’m looking at you). I wanted to use up as much as I could and I achieved that.
Then came the thought: This is a lot of packaging.
Last year when I did this, I didn’t finish up as many products so separating those that could be recycled  wasn’t anywhere near as tedious as what I had to deal with now. Doing that this year was a full blown exercise. Washing all the empty packaging was really no joke – especially pesky moisturizers in tubes that were a real pain in the ass to scrape out. And after washing all of that, I prayed that everyone else in my estate washed their items too before tossing them into the recycling bin because it just takes one item to screw up the whole batch and it all goes to the landfill.
Looking at what I used:
1) Sheet masks are nice to use after a tired day at work and you can get some for as cheap as $1.50 but it’s no longer “cheap” when I buy 15 of them, they aren’t recyclable and almost all that I tried didn’t do anything for me. Some even broke me out. Moving forward, I’m only going to purchase a sheet mask if it’s a sample for a mask in a tube or tub.
2) I need to find a hair dye that I can keep for more than one use because I only need to do my roots most of the time and the Liese one, even though amazing, is a single-use product. I found myself throwing the excess dye down the drain at least once.
3) Minis are a great way to try things but I need to be certain that I want these minis and not buy them for the sake of buying or because “it’s a deal” (I’m slowly curbing this! #proud)
4) There are things that I forced myself to finish because I was caught up in the hype or I saw it on the shelf and it looked great. Never again. The pain to use up products you hate is real. Somewhere along the way last year I decided I was just going to toss something I hate using because life is too short, but for a good period of time I was angrily slapping shitty moisturizer on my body.
My recycling spree got me reading up on a zero-waste lifestyle because I do want to reduce the waste that I’m generating, but after reading a few blogs I realized that the zero-waste life is not for me. I’m all about recycling, buying things in bulk and cutting down unnecessary items, but I cannot live a life where I bring a metal straw to a restaurant. Maybe I might be that in the future, who knows, but not right now. I am interested in some things that I’ve seen zero-waste bloggers do but I’m going to take baby steps towards the right direction.
(I think the zero-waste/sustainable living situation deserves another post…otherwise this is going to be a novella length post)
In 2017 I also decided to try my hand in doing Project Pans. While the Project Pans did help me to use up a lot of products, I got sick of wearing the same lipstick for four months straight. This wasn’t because I only put in one lipstick into the project – I think I had three, but the other two were lipsticks I didn’t like. One looked like a sickly purple on me and another smudged all over my face every time I ate.
In retrospect, I should have put in things that I liked or could tolerate using instead of things that I used maybe three times a year when I wore purple. I thought I could actively use up things that I wasn’t too keen on so that I could move on to the things I loved, but I now know that I’m not that person. More importantly, I had things that I liked sitting around doing nothing because I was using up things I didn’t like. This makes no sense. So I also got rid of things that I just didn’t want to see in my drawer anymore. I gave some away to friends and family, others I tossed. And I’m glad that I did that because now I feel less overwhelmed and annoyed at what I own.
As such, I’ve decided to end the two Project Pans that I was doing. One was supposed to end in December but I had no time to do a closing post and I felt so uninspired. So this year, while I would still like to continue to do something related to Project Panning, I need to figure out what works for me.
A quick run down of the status of the products in my 2 projects, if you’re interested:
Finish 17 in 2017

27 before 27

27 before 27

I know I’m currently trying to clear 17 items in 2017 – and that is one heck of a long-term project – but goals help me use up products that I might sit on or try to “save” because they’re good. And then they might get expired because I’m trying to save them. Story of my life.

So here’s a second project to finish 27 items before I turn 27 on 14 Feb next year! They’re mostly small items or things that I’m already halfway through and I just need that extra push to finish it. I really want to finish things so that I don’t have to bring them over to my new home and mayyyybe I want to get things from Sephora’s Black Friday sale coming up in November. Maybe. Perhaps. Mayhaps. We’ll see.

This is going to be a rollover project – once something is finished I’ll replace it with something else…unless there’s really nothing that I want to try to finish up. Also there’s a lot of skincare things because I’ve narrowed down my makeup a lot. There’s little makeup that I want to get rid of right now.


Why is this so difficult to use??


This was supposed to be an “Hourglass dupe” um…no. It also gives my skin a white tinge so I can’t pile it on unless I want to look “casket-ready”. If I finish the matte side before my birthday, I might just toss it because I’m not interested in being a white cast disco ball. The shimmer side is a mess I can see the glitter when I look up close in the mirror.


BOURJOIS | Don’t intend to finish this up completely, but to use as much as possible because I really like the shade but this has been overlooked in favour of the other 2 lipsticks in my 17 by 2017 project.

NYX| I spent 2 hours looking at lip swatches of this lipstick before purchasing it and it was STILL the wrong shade. It’s a lot brighter and more pink than I expected. I’m going to use as much as possible and toss whatever is left by 14 Feb because it’s not my favourite and it’s starting to smell a little funky.


After almost a year’s worth of use, I am so close to finishing this. This has a white cast that makes me look sick. I use it in the morning before applying lipstick but I can’t use this on its own.


My friend gave me these to try out back in December. These have been here for way too long.


IT COSMETICS | This breaks me out if I use it everyday on my face. It moisturizes fine, but it didn’t do anything that made me go “Wow, I’m going to buy the full size now”. Intending to be bougie and use this as a neck moisturizer to finish it up.

NAOBAY | I got this in the Lookfantastic Beauty Box back in November last year. I’m very hesitant to use this as a face moisturizer because creams just break me out so will find some way to finish this.


Waiting for my Phuket trip in November to use these two up!


MOISTURIZING BOMB FOIL | Excited to try this not gonna lie.

WATER BOMB FOIL | The saleswoman said this was good for dry skin but you best believe I’m going to try everything.


MOISTURIZING BOMB | Praying to the gods that this doesn’t break me out.

AQUA BOMB | Currently using this. It’s not breaking me out which is always great but I do feel a little oilier than usual. Hmm.


THE FACE SHOP | Got this when I signed up for TFS membership (“It’s free!”)

BELIF | I really should read up on this before putting this on my face because I have no idea what this does.


DEARPACKER | I heard so many great things on Youtube and I was super excited to try the range…but the day after I used the Black Tea Rose mask I started getting pimples on my cheeks. I’m now hesitant to use this but this damn thing cost me $5.90 so I am 100% not going to throw this away I could have bought lunch with this money smh

COSRX | This is a 3 step kit with the cleanser, toner and mask. Excited!



This is a perfect example of “They’re good quality so I need to save them!!” No, I need to USE THEM BEFORE THEY EXPIRE.


Good ol’ me bought this without realizing it has exfoliating beads in it. Using this as a neck mask because I’m now living the bougie life by force.


Can I just say that I don’t know how people can tolerate the smell of this? This smells like day 4 unwashed hair. It does not smell good. I think I’ve used 3 pads so 25 to go.


This did nothing for my hair and gave me dandruff. I’m using it now to wash my brushes.


This is a pretty good mask – my hair is super duper smooth afterwards. I might go hunting for a full size when this is done.

ESSENCE MICELLAR WATER (I couldn’t find it while I was taking photos) | This breaks me out on my jawline. I think it might be the fragrance because none of the other ingredients appear to be culprits.

I’m pretty close to finishing some of these, so hopefully this will push me to use them up quickly!

Finish 17 in 2017 Q3

Intro | 1st update | 2nd update

We are almost at the end of 2017 and I honestly, truly, do not know where the year has gone because I’m still a mess and my wedding is 5 months away. It’s probably time to start panicking about not so good skin, right?

For the past 3 months I’ve had varying moods about makeup and skincare. Some weeks I’m doing a full face of makeup complete with 3 eyeshadows and liner, some weeks I just wanna powder my face and go to work (I think I did that once, on a Friday when I ran out of fucks to give). I had more days where I just didn’t want to spend time putting a lot of things on my face so there isn’t an amazing amount of progress this quarter. Here’s to hoping I can encourage myself and push myself to finish a few more things over the next three months.

Switching it up

Clinique Chubby Stick Intense in Heftiest Hibiscus Lip Hop Super Defence EX Sun Protection Milk SPF115 PA+++
Goal: Finish


The Clinique chubby stick died on me – it started having a waxy smell, and it started feeling less moisturizing and more like something lying on top of my lips and it felt really uncomfortable. The last straw was when it made my lips drier and a little chapped. Time to say goodbye.

I replaced it with the Lip Hop sunscreen which I bought for my face…only that it broke me out horribly. I bought this because I saw “SPF 115 PA+++” and I was like holy shit this is wild this is gonna protect my face. When I started having those painful breakouts, I couldn’t find ingredients on the package, I don’t remember seeing ingredients on the plastic wrapping (which I threw away once I opened it) and I can’t find any ingredients online. That’s pretty damn suspicious. So now I’m using it up as a body sunscreen and I’ve made pretty good progress. If I continue to use it everytime I get out of the house, I’m confident I can finish this.

We’re getting there!

Vaseline Lip Therapy in Rosy Lips
Goal: Finish


I’ve used up more of this and I think I might get more use out of it when my morning lip balm finishes up and I use this both day and night. I guess I hit my last update’s goal of finishing up half of what was in the pot?

Dior Addict Lipstick in 871 Power
Goal: Finish


If I had religiously used this all the time I would have finished it, but I didn’t want to. But now if I don’t finish it by the end of the year I’m going to be so pissed at myself because it’s so little left.

Palmer’s Hair Removal Cream 
Goal: Finish


I have neglected this for the past 2 months because the skin on my legs have become incredibly dry and flaky again ever since I ran out of my Bath & Body Works lotion. I can’t use this on my legs when they’re dry because then it gets extremely itchy and painful. Need to remember to do my pits more often I guess.

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation in 170 Natural Beige
Goal: Finish


I’m excited to finish up a 2nd foundation this year. I really enjoy the natural finish of this foundation but it’s starting to get a bit thick and it doesn’t perform as well as it did at the start of the year. This is discontinued too so I need to finish this soon and start hunting for the next best thing.

Colourpop Super Shock Cheek in Between The Sheets
Goal: Finish 1/3


I’ve definitely expanded the pan, but not sure if I can hit my goal of finishing 1/3 of this. It’s really a lot of product and I really don’t know how some people can finish this quickly. I still enjoy using it!

Silkygirl Perfect Sharp Eyeliner 
Goal: Finish


This fella is getting less pigmented each time I use it and it’s getting harder to get a good, black line even if I go over it several times. I also struggle applying this over eyeshadow, especially cream eyeshadows and shimmer eyeshadows. It might be nearing the end (thank god).

What’s up with that?

Caudalie Moisturizing Mask and Glycolic Peel Mask
Goal: Finish

I’ve used the moisturizing mask a few times but still have not cracked into the glycolic peel one. Definitely want the moisturizing one done by the next update.

Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray
Goal: Finish

I have done minimal damage to this even though it’s on my desk at work. Need to remember to use this damn thing.

Colourpop Lippie Stick in Konichiwa 
Previous Goal: Finish 1/2 | New Goal: Just use what I can

I’ve come to terms that this is just not a colour that I enjoy. And I’m at peace with it. Might probably throw this out at the end of the year because why keep something I’m not interested in using?

Sleek Contouring and Blush Palette 
Goal: Hit pan on bronzer


Does the pan even exist??? For the past month I’ve been using a ton of bronzer all over my face with a fluffy brush – I have had the urge to be very bronzed and glowy – and there is STILL no pan.

Overall thoughts for the 3rd quarter

Panning a whole lipstick might not be for me – turns out I enjoy changing up my lip colours. Maybe if it’s a “my lips but better” shade it wouldn’t be such a struggle to finish one. There’s a high possibility I’ll just get rid of some things in this project if they’re not completed by the end of the year; I don’t want to use some things anymore. I have other things I want to use. Life is too short to force yourself to wear makeup you don’t really like.

Finish 17 in 2017 Q2

My first update here.

The last time I had an update for this project I had used up 4 items. This time I’ve only used up 1, but I’m not surprised in the slightest because most of these things have a long way to go.



RICH Argan Oil Elixir – YAS THIS IS GONE! After the halfway mark I went through it a lot faster than I expected. This product did almost nothing for my hair. It tamed major frizz and major poof but there was still frizz and poof. My ends sometimes were still feeling dry. Never buying this again.

For reasons unknown I didn’t include in the last post that I finished up the Sally Hansen Nail Polish Remover?? I’m pretty sure I used it up before April.

We’re halfway there!

Vaseline Lip Therapy in Rosy Lips
Goal: Finish


From the outside it looks like there’s still a lot of product and practically no progress, but the inside is half cleared. I love how my lips are super moisturized when I use this. The stickiness in the morning if I don’t scrub my lips, though,  I don’t love so much.

Dior Addict Lipstick in 871 Power
Goal: Finish


I used up more than I expected, especially since mid June I got so sick of using this I started using other lip products more often. Like I’ve said previously, it’s a nice formula but it’s not my favourite colour. I just want to finish this up so that I can use other things that I like better (ahem Primark matte lip) without this just sitting around in my drawer not getting love.

Still gotta werk

Caudalie Moisturizing Mask and Glycolic Peel Mask
Goal: Finish

I was busy focusing on using up a lot of sheet masks because I was getting uncomfortable at how many I had, so I didn’t do much with these. I used the moisturizing one once, it was nice. Still keeping to my goal to finish these because I believe it can be done since I’m left with only 3 sheet masks.

Clinique Chubby Stick Intense in Heftiest Hibiscus 
Initial Goal: Use half | New Goal: Use 1/3 


I was still not using this even when I put it with all my daily makeup, so two weeks back I told myself I was going to use this at least once every week. So far I have worn it twice and it works. It flatters my skin tone but it makes my teeth look yellower than it does, so I try to remember not to flash my teeth too much when I use this.

Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray
Goal: Finish


I used up almost half of this in Europe where it was dry af and my skin felt blessed by this. I forgot it for the first 4-5 days of the trip which is a shame because I’m sure I would have used more – Amsterdam was very cold and dry. I’m now going to try to use it up at work where the air-con blasts down upon me.

Colourpop Super Shock Cheek in Between The Sheets
Goal: Finish 1/3


I was trying to use up the sides and slowly work inwards because I heard that cream products dry out faster if you start using them up from the centre, but it didn’t work out. I’ve learnt that Colourpop pans are pretty shallow at the centre and deeper at the sides, but I’m not mad about that because I like using this. I’m glad that I put this in the project because I now know I actually like cream blush more than powder. Who would freaking imagine, especially after years of “beauty gurus” and magazines telling me that cream blush was more suited for dry skin?

Colourpop Lippie Stick in Konichiwa 
Initial Goal: Finish | New Goal: Finish 1/2


There is waaaaaaaaay more product in this lippie than I expected. I use this on days I wear more cool toned clothes (usually purple) because I find it really clashes with my skin when I wear warm toned clothes. Colour aside it performs beautifully – doesn’t smudge all over my chin, fades evenly, doesn’t stain my lips, doesn’t dry my lips out. If only Colourpop had a retail outlet so you can really see what something looks like on you.

Palmer’s Hair Removal Cream 
Goal: Finish


I’ve only used this on my legs once since it brought my dry skin back with a vengeance when I used it two weeks in a row. I’m willing to have leg hair if it means I don’t have painful, cracked dry skin. The one time I used it I didn’t suffer, though, so I will slowly work through this.

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation in 170 Natural Beige
Goal: Finish


Considering how little foundation I use everyday I am proud of how much I’ve used up. I enjoy using this because it gives off a really natural finish – like my friend couldn’t tell I had foundation on. It could be because I use a thin layer all over and then a 2nd thin layer in some areas, but it works really well for me since I’m not about that full coverage life. I just wish that it held back some of the mad shine on my forehead.

Silkygirl Perfect Sharp Eyeliner 
Goal: Finish

This is trash. There is no other way to describe it. It takes forever to dry down so that you can draw over it without moving product around. I don’t have time for that in the morning. Nobody got time for that. I know my eyelids aren’t as smooth as they were when I was a teenager, but this eyeliner just keeps giving me jagged lines. Transfers so bloody easily. I actually use less eyeliner now because it’s too much effort.

Sleek Contouring and Blush Palette 
Goal: Hit pan on bronzer


This is truly the bronzer than never ends. I use this almost every single day and I still have not hit pan. Good to know that I’m getting my money’s worth.

Overall thoughts for the 2nd quarter

This project has taught me quite a bit about my makeup preferences. Because I liked using the Colourpop blush so much, I’ve been finding myself pairing this with one of their highlights in the similar formula. I also tried using one of the highlights as an eyeshadow and it worked out really well. I am worried that these products will go bad on me soon since I started using them around Nov/Dec last year and I’ve heard many people say that the shelf life is around a year.

I’ve also learnt that those damn hydrating sprays are definitely not for me. I keep forgetting about the Clinique one over here because our climate isn’t so dry to the point that I want to reach for it.

6 down, 11 to go! Here are my goals for the next update:

  1. Use Colourpop Konichiwa at least 10 times
  2. Use 1/2 of the Clinique hydrating spray
  3. Use 1/2 of the Vaseline lip balm

Empties – Q2 2017

I actually started drafting this post on the first week of Raya when I finally got an off day, but I didn’t manage to finish this and I’ve been either playing catch up at work or going visiting every night (until today I’m still trying to understand why I had so many houses to visit??) so here I am, in mid-July, talking about all the things that I’ve finished up throughout the past 3 months. (Longgg post ahead)

I do these posts because I want to know what works for me and what doesn’t so that I can make better shopping decisions in the future. Seeing how much I use up also shows me how long it takes for me to finish something and hopefully prevents me from buying backups or stocking up on a type of product because “I might run out of it” (I am super guilty for doing this with lotions)

From this post onwards I’m also going to be including the price of these items so that when I look at this post at the end of the year I can look at how much I had spent on all the things that sucked and remind myself to stop impulse buying when I’m at Watsons/Guardian. You may think oh it’s just Watsons it’s not Sephora or MAC but no… when you think “oh this is cheap” you buy a lot of other things because they’re all “cheap” and when the cashier says “So that’s $87.50” you’re like where did my money go????

If you’re reading this on the lookout for something to try, keep in mind that I have:

  1. combination skin (oily T-zone, sometimes dry af cheeks),
  2. pores that are constantly clogged, and
  3. possibly sensitive skin, because a lot of products break me out and they’re the painful kind of breakouts not just closed comedones

This month I’ve used up S$165.89 worth of products and decluttering S$41.14 worth of products. This amount is based on what I paid for these items, i.e. samples and gifts are S$0.00 and the cost of items from beauty boxes/sets are calculated as “price of box / no. of items” instead of price per ml.


This quarter I didn’t finish any makeup items which clearly shows how slowly I use up makeup even though I wear makeup at least 5 times a week. I’m not really surprised since I finished two big ticket items in the previous quarter (a lipstick and a foundation) and nothing else was close to being finished back in March. I am, however, getting rid of three lip products as they have all gone bad.

Colourpop Satin Lip in Echo Park (S$8.57) was a little drying for my lips but nothing too terrible. The smell was chemical-y from the get go but one day I opened it up and it smelt bad. I haven’t even had it for a year.

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip in Perky (S$8.57) was horrendous. It was so drying that I couldn’t even wear it for more than 20 mintues because I felt like I was going to damage my lips if I wore it for a full day. I tried combining it with less drying liquid lipsticks but it still felt uncomfortable. I noticed one day that it actually started to separate and when I opened it the smell was super nasty. I bought this and Echo Park back in November, which means these fellas only have a life span of about 4 months in this climate. Ridiculous. Never repurchasing Colourpop liquid lipsticks.

One of my Clinique Chubby Sticks in Mega Melon (S$24) had gone bad – I brought it to Europe with me and it didn’t do its job at all. It got flaky and smelt pretty waxy and I decided it was time to let it go. This has taught me to not buy backups of something that I love unless I’m really low on the one I’m currently using. Serious heart pain having to toss this.



H&M Gently Does It Cleansing Wipes (S$4.90) | These were so good. Saturated up till the last piece, which rarely happens for wipes in this kind of packaging. It’s so much cheaper than the Simple wipes and it removes my makeup just as well. I’m currently trying to wean off wipes but if I need some in the future I’d buy these again.

Swisse Micellar Water (S$8.15) | I was drawn to this because it had a short ingredients list and I couldn’t get it in Singapore (I got this in Australia). There is a cucumber smell since it has cucumber extract, but after a while I got used to it. This removed my makeup as good as the Bioderma and Garnier one. If I could find it here at this price I would repurchase.

Guardian Cotton Wool Pads (S$1.53) | They get the job done. I have 2.5 packets to go, not purchasing any cotton wool anytime soon.



Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Serum (Sample) | This saved my skin in Europe. My skin is infamous for suddenly becoming drier than a damn desert in Europe even in early summer let alone this year’s absurdly cold spring. This serum isn’t too thick so my skin absorbs it quickly and I can do two thin layers if I really need to. Back home this keeps my skin nice and hydrated even when I use a tiny amount. This shit is not cheap though – on the Chanel website the full size is USD$110!! – so I’ll just stick to these travel sized samples I sometimes get.

Chanel Hydra Beauty Gel Creme (Sample) | This reminds me more of a more cream than a gel, and it’s one of the few cream moisturizers that doesn’t break me out. It’s a little thick so if you have these samples you should cut the tube in half because there is so much product in the corners that you can’t squeeze out. I think after I cut the tube I used it for at least another week. In a cold and dry climate it works very well but in this humid country I don’t think it’s really worth buying since other cheaper moisturizers I’ve tried work well too.

Innisfree The green tea seed cream (Sample) | I got this as part of a welcome pack together with a serum, an eye cream and a sheet mask. I think I got maybe 3 uses out of this. It broke me out pretty badly, the kind of pimples that were super inflamed and they hurt. Would not purchase.

Innisfree The green tea seed serum (Sample) | I don’t remember anything about this serum except that it also broke me out. Would not purchase.

Chanel Sublimage La Creme Yeux (Sample) | The eye cream that makes my panda eyes bearable. This claims to plump the skin and reduce appearance of dark circles and I agree it fulfills those claims. I don’t know why the full size is in a tub because this packaging is so much more sanitary and practical. A little really goes a long way – I use literally a pinhead of product. Going to be sad when my samples run out because I don’t want to buy the full size, I’m afraid it will expire before I’m done.

Innisfree Bija Cica Balm (Sample) | This is a very recent addition, I got this on Tuesday in a trial kit that Innisfree was giving out. I’ve been curious about the claims of this product so obviously I ran to the nearest store when I found out they were giving the kits out to members. This is supposed to be for 1 use but unless you are using it all over your body or you have a really, really big face there is way more product in here. I used it 6 times, so there’s no way that I’m using it incorrectly – my face would have been a mess if I slathered all of this on for 1 use. So far so good, but I’m going to continue using the other 3 samples before I decide if I should buy the full size or not.

Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate (Sample) | I have two more samples of this so I’m going to continue to test this out because I’m not too sure what this actually did for me. The consistency is thicker than the other serums and it doesn’t really feel like it’s being absorbed into my skin. Maybe I’m using too much? Will update when I’m done with the other 2 samples.



LipHop K Mask Vita C Skin / LipHop K Mask Vita F Skin / LipHop Black Cheers Rice Nourishing Facial Mask (S$1.93 each) | Got these when Guardian was having the 3 for 2 promo. They were ok, nothing special. My skin felt hydrated afterwards but the next day it was back to normal. Would not repurchase any of these.


My Beauty Diary Platinum & Pearl Brightening Mask (Gift) | This had two pieces, one for the top half of my face and one for the bottom half and part of my neck. It had earholes so that the mask didn’t fall off, and my chin area looked a little firmer when I took it off. Of course, that result was temporary. The interesting thing was that it didn’t do much for my face but it made my neck look much brighter! I’m torn about this because I had a few huge pimples on my face soon after I tried this (no surprises there), but my neck looked great for like a week or so. If there’s something just for the neck I would be super down to try it.

Royal Skin The Animalian Mask Fox (S$3.92) / SNP Beijing Opera Aqua Mask (S$3.90)| I tried these for the novelty. The SNP one had so much essence I could spread it all over my body twice, but not sure what good it did. Both were fun masks but I wouldn’t purchase them again because I didn’t see any changes to my skin.


HEMA Self Heating Face Mask (S$2.61) | I bought this in Amsterdam out of curiosity because I had never heard of a self-heating face mask before. It is the strangest thing. It’s supposed to be a clay mask but it has a very smooth texture and isn’t very thick. The instructions say that I have to apply it to a wet face so the mask gets more watery and doesn’t dry down like how other clay masks do. The self-heating thing is also weird. The mask heats up when it reacts with water, so after you apply it on your face the sensation fades after a few seconds, but when you wash it off parts that you touch get warm again. I guess it would feel nice in colder weather, but there’s no reason for any heating mask here. Skincare wise, it did nothing for my skin unlike other clay masks. Would not repurchase.

Nature’s Bliss Hydrating Gel Face Mask in Lychee & Pomegranate (S$1.48) | This had a very unique consistency. Appearance-wise it reminded me of kelapa parut with santan. The smell of lychee was nice, even though sometimes it felt a little overpowering. This is definitely not a 1 use sachet though, so ignore the instructions to use up the entire packet for 1 use. I kind of regret doing that, because it wasted so much product. This mask is supposed to slowly be absorbed into your skin, so the mask slowly disappears, but when you apply too thick a layer your skin might not be able to absorb all the product. I have another one in a different scent that I’ll try using multiple times. If they were sold here I might repurchase.

Forgot to take a photo Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Mask Green Tea (Sample) | I think the green tea line just doesn’t work for me. Got some serious pimples, would not purchase.


Simply Bye Eye Bag Hydro Gel Eye Masks (S$2) | These were probably trying to imitate the high-end gel eye masks but my goodness this was terrible. Felt incredibly heavy, were very uncomfortable (to the point that I woke up to peel them off and fell back to sleep immediately), and the next day I saw more wrinkles under my eyes instead of less. Dark circles still prominent, no difference. Such a waste of $2. I didn’t bother using the 2nd set because I don’t want to screw up my undereye area again.



Bath & Body Works Cup of Warmth Lotion (S$6.63) | I bought this in Malaysia when it was on sale for RM$19.90 (usual price 65??? Or some kind of absurd price) because it reminded me of the old school Body Shop Almond milk lotion. It’s not the exact scent but close enough to make me feel nostalgic. I got a little sick of the smell towards the end of the bottle, but people that stood close enough seemed to like it (the mat thought I smelt like chocolate). As a lotion it did great. My legendary dry patches were tamed and my skin was always soft. I was quite surprised it did so well, I expected it to perform kinda meh like the VS lotions. If there was a scent that wasn’t this strong, I might repurchase another B&BW lotion in the future.

Bliss High Intensity Hand Cream (S$5) | Claims to be high intensity, but my fingertips felt dry after I use this too often. Go figure. Bliss products aren’t cheap either, I got it at $5 cause it was on sale. The smell is nice, but not worth repurchasing.

Healthy Care All Natural Paw Paw Balm (S$8.47) | What on earth is this product?? Who approved this?? It was tough to work with – it was a little too thick to squeeze out of the tube properly, it didn’t spread very well on my skin which meant that I had to use a lot of product on one area, but then it just sat on top of my skin and didn’t even moisturize my dry patches. Because of how oily the balm was, the tube became pretty oily since I was switching hands trying to squeeze the product out. The packaging also says that the balm is harder or softer depending on the climate, which makes me go ‘wtf’ because I live in a tropical climate so if the balm is so tough to work with in this heat, how insanely difficult will it be like to use this in the winter? Can you even squeeze it out of the tube then? Overall a huge miss and I’m super disappointed since I thought it would be a more natural alternative to my other lotions.

Balance Me Super Toning Body Polish (S$4.62) | Claims to be like a spa treatment and the smell is certainly very ‘atas spa product’. However I feel like I had to use a lot to feel like it was actually scrubbing something, and since it’s not cheap I won’t buy the full size.

Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Body Buttercream (S$7) | This was a great lightweight lotion. The smell isn’t really for me, but it did the job. Would not repurchase because of the smell.



Liese Blaune Creamy Foam Colour (S$17.90) | This is my go-to when my white hairs get out of control. It’s so much easier to use than the cream hair dyes. The pack comes with two bottles, you mix the liquids in both bottles together, screw the pump cap on and you’re good to go. The hair treatment included is also insanely good, my hair is incredibly smooth for about a week afterwards. The only setback is that you have to use all of the product at one go, so it’s a bit of a waste for me since I really only need to touch up my roots. Liese has since brought out a cream dye that can be kept for several uses, I might try that out in the future and hope to the heavens that it’s better than the Cielo version (which started fading away after a week and became a hot orange mess).

RICH Pure Luxury Rejuvenating Argan Oil Elixir (S$9.90) | I am so glad this is finished. I really didn’t see any improvement to my hair with this product. It didn’t tame my frizz either unless I used it before and after blowdrying my hair, and even then it wasn’t that great. The smell is much nicer compared to the rosehip oil I’m using now, but if we’re talking about synthetic oils I’d rather buy the Hask hair oil that is much cheaper and showed results.



Keeko Coconut Oil Pulling in Lucky Dip (S$41.29) | I’ll be writing a separate post on this because I have many thoughts and things to say about this fella. The final verdict – most likely will not repurchase due to price

Pearlie White Chor-Rinse Antiseptic Mouth Rinse Plus (S$12.90) | I’ve mentioned how I have a real love-hate relationship with this fella in my last empties (more hate than love) and my feelings about it remain the same. I don’t have to use it anymore since the dentist has given me the clear for my wisdom teeth stitches, and I am definitely not using this again unless forced to.

I’m mostly left with full size products now (masks aside), so it’s going to be tougher for me to use things up for the 2nd half of the year. But I’m glad that I’ve used up a lot of smaller items so that I don’t have to lug all these samples with me when I move next year. I’m hoping to finish up 20% of what is remaining, fingers crossed that I’ll succeed!

The Sloth finishes stuff – Q1 2017


Background image from freepik

In my first Finish 17 in 2017 post, I mentioned that I wanted to use up my products so that when I moved over to the mat’s place I won’t have to lug a ton of half/quarter/sorta used things with me (also less judgement, seeing how he looks bewildered when I tell him that my dad built a shoe cabinet because we couldn’t fit all our shoes in the store room anymore…the main culprits are my mom and I surprise surprise). What I didn’t mention (I think?) is how freaking slow I use things up unless they are face moisturizer and shampoo. Everything else takes so long it’s great for my bank account, not so great if I hate the product or if I want to try new things.

That’s right, sloth-y in all aspects of my life, including finishing up my makeup and beauty products.

So last year, with this in mind, I bought a lot of deluxe sample sized stuff in sets during the Black Friday sales. I figured that was the best course of action for me because 1) I won’t spend an eternity trying to finish up a body scrub 2) I get to try a variety of products instead of throwing my money at something expensive and then realizing that I hate it or it doesn’t work for my skin.

I need to remind myself to do that in the future – unless I know I want the full size, of course – because I’ve never used up so many items in 3 months in my life. This a post to remind myself that yo, you take so long to use up things stop buying so much stuff. And also for reference in the future if I forgot whether I liked something or not. And also if something really sucks I would like to tell all of you not to waste your money like how I did.

17 in 2017 items


I’ve made some notes about these 4 fellas in the first update of my 17 in 2017 project. Even if you don’t care for these kind of panning projects, just remember that the Nivea makeup wipes suck and you can definitely buy something better. Maybe even the Guardian brands ones are better I should try those out.

I am also destashing my Revlon lipstick, my Clinique Chubby Stick for eyes and my MyScheming charcoal mask (which I tried one last time on Sunday. It got a lot out on my chin, but only the basic stuff on my nose. The hardcore fellas are still there).

For the rest of the items, I’ll go in order of how I use them everyday.

Dental care


Pearlie White Chlor-Rinse Antiseptic Mouth Rinse Plus – I got this first bottle when I went to the Paragon dentist for the first time last year to check on my teeth and she said that the wisdom teeth were causing gum infection near my molars since I couldn’t brush so deep to get the minuscule bits of food out. This was to stop the gum infection (that was in the early stages) and I guess it works since my gums have been doing great since then BUT. There is a huge but (hehh). This is a chlorhexidine mouthwash, which stains your teeth. Yes, you read it right. It will stain your teeth. My teeth became insanely yellow the first two weeks I used it and I was so shocked. The last time my teeth were close to that yellow was after I removed my braces. And the longer I used it some of the yellow stains started to turn brown… pretty much like long-term hardcore smoker teeth. Actually I know long-term hardcore smokers with better teeth.

I’m not going to lie, it did affect my confidence because my teeth didn’t look good. But I had to use it because I was going to go through the wisdom teeth extraction and I didn’t want something to screw up because my gums were shit. Using this and the Fluocarli toothpaste pictured was such a bad time, after I switched back to Darlie my teeth looked better. If you Google chlorhexidine mouthwash, you’ll find out that the stains are a side effect that can only be fully removed if you go to the dentist. Which I am only going to in June. I’m finishing up my second one (which I got after the extraction), but I am definitely not going to buy this again unless I really need to. | Rating: 3/5 (because it helped my dental health)

Fluocarli Freeze Cool Toothpaste – This toothpaste claims to immediately re-harden enamel and prolongs protection against plaque acid. I can’t confirm either claim seeing how this did practically nothing for me. It doesn’t have a minty flavour so a plus point if you don’t like the standard minty flavour many toothpastes have, but I feel like you might be better off buying other toothpaste. It doesn’t really help with stains, I didn’t feel like my breath was pretty fresh after brushing… yeah I can’t recommend this. | Rating: 1/5 

Shower products


Soap & Glory Rich & Foamous Shower & Bath Body Wash – This smelt so good! The smell also lingers on your skin after the shower, and my skin felt nice and soft. I really like it, if I find it in London I’m definitely buying a full size | Rating: 4.5/5

Bloom and Blossom Bath and Shower Gel – This is a line from the UK that prides itself for being all natural, got this in the Lookfantastic box I bought back in November. According to their website, all their products are paraben-free, SLS-free, no synthetic fragrances or colours – making it completely safe for expectant mothers to use their products. I think that’s great for people with super sensitive skin or those who want their products to be as natural as possible. For me, it was unnerving to move from the sweet-smelling Rich & Foamous to this shower gel that literally has no scent. It is the weirdest thing. I can see how some people will absolutely love this but it’s just so strange for me to use a shower gel with no scent. Aside from that, it does a good job as a shower gel. | Rating: 3/5

Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub – Another product that smelt so damn good. Even a month after using this up if I open up the tub I can still smell it. This sugar-based scrub really does scrub well, I do feel that my skin is smoother after using it. However, I get a few bumps appearing here and there on my body over the next few days after I use this. Not enough to be alarmed, but I rarely get body acne nowadays that I don’t know if I just haven’t been exfoliating enough and my body is in shock or this product isn’t suitable for me. On the fence about repurchasing because aside from that it was a good scrub – Rating: 3.5/5 



First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser – I got this after so much researching online because I felt that Cetaphil wasn’t really cleansing my face anymore. I felt like there was still a layer of something after washing and I wanted to try a new cleanser but I had to make sure that wasn’t going to full on break me out. A lot of cleansers I had used before Cetaphil screwed up my skin, and I was using Cetaphil for I think 3-4 years because I was afraid to try something that was going to break me out like crazy again. If I didn’t start to have have that tacky feeling I would probably still be on Cetaphil.

So I went online, checked out the Paula’s Choice website and read a ton of reviews and finally decided to purchase the deluxe size of this face cleanser (part of a set, I was eyeing the other 2 products in it as well). I used this initially with a few other new products and looking back I don’t know why I thought it was a good idea. It screwed up my skin quite a bit, but after I cut down a few things there and there my skin cooled down a lot. Based on the 2+ months of use I got from this cleanser that wasn’t marred by other products, it is a decent cleanser. Sometimes my skin felt a little tight after washing my face but mostly it reminded me a lot of Cetaphil. And if the results are similar to Cetaphil… then I might as well purchase Cetaphil, you know? It’s not bad, but I don’t think this is the cleanser I want to settle on. | Rating: 3/5 



Simple Kind to Skin Hydrating Light Moisturizer – I don’t know what the hell is going on but I have decided that with the exception of the Simple cleansing wipes I just cannot use anything from this brand. I have heard so many people love it and rave about it and it’s supposed to be for sensitive skin but every single foray into this brand has ravaged my skin. I’m not even being dramatic – as a teenager I tried their oil-balancing exfoliating wash? My face broke out so bad like it was having some sort of allergic reaction. Used my friend’s Simple cleanser at a sleepover? Boom! Pimples. Last year I bought the eye makeup remover? Felt like there was an oily layer on my skin. And now, this moisturizer that I bought to get free shipping? Painful.

My skin, while picky af, has definitely calmed down a lot since my teenage days. Pimples are still popping but not as often, I’m less of an oily mess, and since I started using intense hydrating moisturizers the dry patches on my cheeks are gone. So my skin’s doing pretty ok. I figured since I’m now in my mid-20s, a light moisturizer at most would just cause my dry patches to come back and I’ll just whack on the serum on those parts, right?

WRONG. This moisturizer. Broke. Me. Out. Like I was 15 again. It wasn’t just closed comedones (which I still get a lot of), it was full on painful pimples. Appearing everywhere. My cheeks, my forehead, my chin. They were huge and red and here I was frantically trying to cover them up with my foundation because they looked so bad. I was panicking because my skin was doing okay until I stupidly introduced 3 new products almost at the same time – the First Aid Beauty cleanser, this, and the IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream at night (that’s a whole other story). I decided to cut the IT cream first, not much difference. I cut this, switching it with my Clinique moisturizer (that wasn’t the same moisturizer that I used previously either so I was really praying that it didn’t make everything worse), and my skin slowly went back to normal. I slowly reintroduced the IT cream into my night-time routine and there were not a lot of problems.

Culprit found. I used whatever was left as my upper body moisturizer. It’s a shitty body moisturizer. Would never repurchase, and will never buy anything from Simple (aside from their wipes) | Rating: 0.5/5

Vaseline Total Moisture Nourishing Lotion – The last of the many backups I’ve had since… 2014? 2015? I used to love this lotion to death back in uni, it worked so well for me. Since I started working and being exposed to air-con for much longer amounts of time, it hasn’t been working as well. Being pretty old could have contributed to it not working too well, maybe in the future I would buy one – and just one! not 5 – to try again. And hopefully it will work, because it’s like $2 for one of these at Guardian it’s so affordable. | Rating: 3/5

Daiso Olive Hand Cream – My friend bought this for me because I use hand cream pretty often at work. It’s okay for a $2 hand cream, I also use it on my legs when they get too dry and itchy in the office. It had a weird scent though, like a fake olive scent. It was just weird. I wouldn’t repurchase because I have many other hand creams I prefer. | Rating: 2/5



Clinique Chubby Stick in Mega Melon – My all time favourite lipstick, the one that I’ve been using regularly since 2013. This is probably the only year that I haven’t started using a new one yet because I’m trying to use up other lip products…but who am I kidding I will break out a new one for Europe, because these things save my dry ass chapped lips. This is like my fourth empty Mega Melon. I freaking love these. | Rating: 5/5

W7 Aye Aye Captain Eyeliner – I am throwing this away because this has become a consistency that’s hard to apply. It’s thick but it’s also watery. It makes no sense. It ends up all over my eyelashes. It flakes if I rub my eyes just the tiniest amount. Most importantly, my eyes were in bad shape after I used this a few times in a week. I had to blink a lot and for about a week I couldn’t open my eyes fully it was kind of scary. I really think it’s gone bad. When it was good, I only used it a couple of times so I can’t really give a rating for this. I remember liking it because it was very black but I also had a lot of time to do my eyeliner when I did use it. So for me it’s not very practical for a day-to-day eyeliner.

Cotton Pads


Guardian Facial Cotton Pads – This is what I use to remove my makeup, I buy these when they’re on sale (which seems to be pretty often these days). They work fine. | Rating: 4/5



I’ve started using masks on Saturdays as a quick pamper time. My skin also feels a lot calmer after most masks. I am aware that a sheet mask a week doesn’t do much, but they are pretty addictive.

The masks that didn’t leave much of an impression were the Mediheal H.D.P. Pore-Stamding Charcoal-Mineral Mask, the Beauty Idea Diary Apple Polyphenols Comprehensive Whitening Mask and the Sephora Job’s Tears Invisilk Mask. Fun to use, nothing bad nothing great.

Beauty Idea Diary Mandelic Acid Skin Renewal Flawless Mask – Y’all this is LEGIT. I expected just another round of ‘plump skin! less redness! for a night!’ sort of results but imagine my shock when MY PORES WERE GONE?? This mask says that it tightens pores and it full on delivers. Yes, by morning time the pores were back but if I can use this before an event and my pores are missing why not? | Rating: 4.5/5

Freeman Avocado and Oatmeal Clay Mask – Pros: This pack gave me 4 masks. That’s like a month’s worth of masks. That’s incredible. That’s super value for money (this is $2, I think). My face did feel cleansed after using this. Cons: When this dries, my face itches like crazy. I thought I was having an allergic reaction when this happened to me the 2nd week I used it and I ran to the sink to wash my face. My skin also does look a little red after using this mask so I dunno, maybe I can’t use it. The itchiness is enough to turn me off. | Rating: 2.5/5

Sephora Shea Lip Mask – I paid $4 for this. My lips felt plumper and softer after this mask, I did sort of look in the mirror and pouted a little if there was a difference… and that’s it. I can’t justify paying $4 for this. Unless you want plumper lips for +/-4 hours. Your lips don’t even stay that soft for a day.| Rating: 1/5 

The Real MVP


Tiger Balm Plaster – this saves me during my period/PMS when the backache/cramps decide to make an appearance. When the backache/cramps are so bad to the point that I can’t sleep, I slap this on and I can sleep like a baby. Will forever repurchase | Rating: 5.5/5 

Finish 17 in 2017 update 1

I’ve decided to do quarterly updates for this because the year is too hectic to do monthly updates. Time has zoomed by so quickly and it is already April…which also means audit coming soon *panics*

I started this project with the aim to finish as much as possible because I feel like it’s very wasteful to not use up things that you buy, but I have realised along the way that it really, really sucks to use something that you don’t like at all. A lipstick that bleeds and makes your teeth look yellow is not going to be something that you reach for and is not going to make you happy. I put on makeup to make me look and feel good, so forcing myself to use up something just for the sake of using it up is the complete opposite of why I wear makeup.

With that in mind, I’ve decided that if I don’t like using/wearing something and I have tried different ways of using it and it still doesn’t work for me I will not be using it anymore. Life’s too short, I have things that I actually enjoy using and I’ll just take it as a lesson to actually do some research before buying something and to use it when it’s still good.

For this update, I’ll start off with products I finished, followed by products I’m decluttering (and what I’m replacing them with) and finally the progress of the rest.



Nivea Makeup Removal Wipes – Last few wipes were barely wet, I wasn’t sure if they were removing all my makeup. Towards the end they smelt kinda funky too. Would not repurchase.

Revlon Colourstay Foundation in 110 Warm Golden – I don’t know if they’ve changed the formulation when they added the pump to the packaging but this was really great. I usually don’t use a lot of it at one go for medium coverage but it is definitely buildable. I wouldn’t encourage keeping this for 3 years though because during the last week of use it was really patchy on my nose and between my eyebrows, something that didn’t happen before. Would repurchase if I wasn’t intending to stop using foundation.

Palmer’s Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks – Didn’t see a difference in my stretch marks but I definitely enjoyed using this. My skin could absorb this surprisingly easily, it kept my skin moisturized and I like the smell. Not sure if I’d repurchase this one specifically, but would definitely try other lotions from the Palmer’s line.

Hask Macadamia Oil Hair Treatment – Did the job, I got 5 uses out of it. However the shampoo did give my dandruff so I’ll try other brands.


My Scheming Blackhead Removing Mask – Probably not a good idea to use this on the regular, I don’t know if it’s just in my mind but I feel alarmed when the pores don’t close after I use the toner. I have a friend who wants this, so I’m passing it on to her. I didn’t purchase this myself but I wouldn’t repurchase.| Replacement – Caudalie Moisturizing Mask and Glycolic Peel Mask – I got this in a set during the Sephora Black Friday Sale last year. I’m trying to make it a point to use products when they’re still good and new, and I’m down to my last sheet mask so I’m excited and curious to try these. Goal: Finish


Clinique Chubby Stick for Eyes in Ample Amber – This fella dried and kept falling out of its tube when I was using it…and then one day in Feb it fell right out straight on the floor. The floor that I hadn’t swept in a week. Yeah, definitely not going near my eyes after that. Seeing how its $24 and is kind of patchy and creases, would not repurchase. | Replacement – Colourpop Super Shock Cheek in Between The Sheets – This is my first cream (can you call it cream? I guess so) blush and I’m surprised that I enjoy it so much considering how I have combo/oily skin and I stay in a crazy humid country. This blush is still on my cheeks when I come home from work. My only issue is that it’s definitely not the same colour as the product shown on the site. I was expecting something a little more like a peachy-pink shade but on me it is straight up pink. If this was the actual shade on the site it would probably be my favourite blush ever. I’ve thrown this in because I’ve heard that Colourpop products dry up or go bad pretty quickly. Goal: Finish 1/3


Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in 415 Pink in the Afternoon – This was the product that made me decide that I would not force myself to use something I didn’t enjoy. This swatched on my hand is dramatically different than what it looks like on my lips. On my hand it is a pretty rose but on my lips it’s practically neon. It clashes with my skin tone, it’s pretty patchy, moves around throughout the day and makes the lines on my lips super obvious (ridiculous since it’s not a matte lipstick). I think the product isn’t as good as it was before… what I do know is that I definitely didn’t like it when I used it the last 3-4 times. Definitely would not repurchase. | Replacement – Colourpop Lippie Stick in Konichiwa – I had seen this on Morgan of TheBeautyBreakdown and I thought it was a pretty cute pink. Didn’t think about undertones etc so this is a cool pink on me. Not cool to the point that I wouldn’t wear it but seeing how most of my clothes are warm colours I don’t use this very often. Again, putting this into the project because I don’t want it to go bad. Goal: Finish


And the rest

I’ll only be talking about the products that I used for the past 3 months (yes, some I didn’t even touch. Whoops.)

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation in 170 Natural Beige
Goal: Finish


This has the tiniest bit of progress because I was finishing up the other Revlon foundation. And then when I got back from Krabi I was mad tan so for 2 and a half weeks I switched to my Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer that BROKE ME OUT like I was a 14 year old who has to do PE and didn’t wash her face for a week straight. Yes that’s right. I spent a shit ton of money on a tinted moisturizer that is supposedly oil-free and has SPF 20 because I wanted to do some good to my skin and instead I got a forehead full of bumps and screwed up cheeks. But that’s another story. Back to this foundation – it’s always smelled a little weird, but it’s still doing fine. I’m pretty sure I can make a lot of progress in the next 3 months.

Sleek Contouring and Blush Palette 
Goal: Hit pan on bronzer


I’ve been using the bronzer almost every day that I wear makeup (that is 5-6 times a week) but somehow there’s only a little more dip. If you like the product that’s a real bonus, a real value for money. I like it so I’m glad I’m really getting my money’s worth, but as someone working hard to see that pan it’s challenging. Recently I’ve started using more eye makeup so I’ve been using this as a transition shade in my crease as well.

Silkygirl Perfect Sharp Eyeliner 
Goal: Finish

This is such a frustrating product. I don’t mind if an eyeliner isn’t very black but this makes it look like I don’t know how to apply eyeliner very well. You can actually see the eyeshadow underneath it if you don’t go over it at least 3 times. I’ll try to keep using it but it might get the boot soon.

Vaseline Lip Therapy in Rosy Lips 
Goal: Finish


This keeps my lips soft at night even when I’m mouth-breathing (thanks, flu) or if I turn on the air-con. I also use it on some Fridays or weekends when I want a fuss-free look. Enjoying it so far and I’m certain I can finish this by the end of the year.

Dior Addict Lipstick in 871 Power
Goal: Finish


This has been what’s on my lips almost every day at work. I got a little sick of it for a while so I stopped for about a week and now I use it about 3-4 days a week depending on my mood. I’ve gotten into the habit of reapplying too, previously I only applied lipstick in the morning before I leave the house and maybe after work if I’m going out. I really like the formula but wearing this colour almost everyday has taught me that this is more of a ‘once a week’ shade and not an everyday colour for me so if I were to repurchase I’d choose a different shade.

Clinique Chubby Stick Intense in Heftiest Hibiscus 
Initial Goal: Use half | New Goal: Use 1/3 

I’ve used this once in the 3 months, and it was such a good lip day (if I didn’t smile widely ahahah). I was worried that it would transfer everywhere because it’s a moisturizing formula but it didn’t. I now know that I won’t be using this everyday so I’ve switched my goal to be something a little more achievable.

Palmer’s Hair Removal Cream 
Goal: Finish


I was using this religiously for the first 3 weeks and that’s how I discovered that I definitely cannot use this on my calves regularly. It does the same thing Veet did to me back in 2013 and now I have insanely dry patches that were extremely itchy but they’re better now that I’ve slapped on every lotion I own plus oil. It works fine on the upper leg, armpits and bikini line so I will be using this for those parts…and break out the Nair when my leg hair starts to get out of control.

Rich Argan Oil Elixir  
Goal: Finish


I cannot wait for this to finish.

Overall thoughts for first quarter

Glad to already have 4 things down. I knew all 4 weren’t going to last that long, but it still feels good to cross those out. I’ve learnt that the lip colour I would wear all the time would be a ‘my lips but better’ type of shade, certainly not something bright and bold or a cooler toned pink.

Here are my goals for the next update:

  1. Use up 1/2 of the remaining Rich Argan Oil Elixir
  2. Use half of Colourpop Konichiwa
  3. Use both Caudalie masks at least once



Feeling my money flying away

In the last 2 weeks I have attended three weddings, which is definitely a new record seeing how sometimes I don’t attend three weddings in a year. They were three vastly different weddings – the first one was a wedding that confused me greatly because I was surrounded by tudung makciks but the music was clubbing music, the second was a traditional church wedding, the third was a non-traditional church wedding that involved a Beyonce dance routine. So I’ve had some good food and I’ve reunited with some friends but it also means that I no longer have a precious $150 with me.

$150 could have bought me a month’s worth of lunches argh

The mat and I have been cutting down our spending for dates. We now have a $20 budget for meals, we haven’t watched a movie in theatres in months and date suggestions are now met with “Ok, but is it free tho/how much is it?”.

For myself, I haven’t bought clothes since… December?? If we don’t count the Uniqlo jumpsuit. That’s a pretty long time for me. I actually didn’t buy anything during wt+’s anniversary sale last week. Me, the all-time fan of Dorothy Perkins and Warehouse. Miracle.

I have also been holding back on the makeup/skincare/beauty front, knowing that I am going to go apeshit in Europe. I did break my no-buy yesterday though because I saw the animal face sheet masks at BHG. I’ve wanted to try one for so long just to see how ridiculous I look but $4.90 is an absurd price for a sheet mask that doesn’t promise anything incredible. With the 20% off it isn’t a big discount but at least it’s not almost $5.


I feel like I look like Chewbacca instead of a fox?? But this mask makes me look like I’m pouting even though I’m not and my cheekbones are on point. Stunning. Worth the $3.92 I paid.

(If you’re interested in what good it did to my skin…. well, my pores were smaller and my forehead wrinkles were a little less prominent…for the night. Most sheet mask results are temporary unless you use them on a regular basis.)

Also I had to buy a new shampoo because my current shampoo is either too harsh or is doing jackshit because I now have dandruff. After 26 years of my life being dandruff free I saw huge flakes on my hair in the office bathroom and freaked the hell out when I found more hiding underneath the layers. I’ve been using my brother’s Clear shampoo the last two times I’ve shampooed and the dandruff situation has improved a lot but I find that my hair is becoming very frizzy even with the conditioner and the hair oil, so I figured I should buy new shampoo before the frizz gets worse. I also need to figure out what to do with the remaining half bottle of shampoo that I have because I’m not to keen on reviving the dandruff.

I have actually been very tempted by some makeup and sheet masks (they are my new favourite shiny thing) but I have been going strong and not purchased anything. Not even at the Guardian 3 for 2 sale where I walked around for a whole hour and left with pads. I can only hope that this determination lasts.



Finish 17 in 2017

For the past year or so I’ve been watching more decluttering/Project Pan videos than makeup hauls. I’ve come to realise that I would be more satisfied owning a few products that I love rather than having everything but only liking 4 or 5 items that I use all the time.

2016 was a year where I got real w myself. I threw out a lot of things that were either far too old for me to use or I knew I wasn’t going to use. I really cut down on the amount of makeup and skincare products I bought.

Then a makeup shopping bug hit me hard and I felt the urge to buy everything. I think that happened because I was down to so few products. I actually finished some pretty big items (for me ah) like my bronzer of 4 ( yes. 4.) years and my two pressed powders so I felt like I could treat myself especially since I was now working.

Not gonna lie – Black Friday sales took most of my money. I made one order post-Christmas but end November was a wild time for my credit card. I’ve already used some of the items; some I know I will repurchase, others I know I would’t buy again.

After my last package came I haven’t had any urge to buy anything (thank god) since I am fully stocked. I reshuffled things here and there to fit in the new stuff and I realised that some items that work for me are getting old and I want to use them up because I enjoy using them and I’m afraid that they will go bad soon. And then there are items that I bought that I really don’t like and I want to use them up as quickly as I can (or at least enough for me to justify throwing it out). More importantly, I want to reduce the amount of things I have to bring to my future husband’s house next year. We actually to have to share a room with a fish tank and I dunno how we gonna do it considering my makeup and my clothes and his motor stuff.

So!!! After that long rambling introduction, here are the 17 items that I would like to finish this year. (Heads up – photos are not going to be spectacular)


Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray
Goal: Finish


Need to bring this to work and spray it on my face when the air-con gets too much because I definitely do not use this at home. This is why I have issues with value packs – I didn’t need this but I needed the other things in that set.

Nivea Makeup Removal Wipes 
Goal: Finish


Bought this when I was supposed to go to the mat’s place and I realised I had nothing to remove my makeup and I had to pray. I don’t even know if I want to use this for my face – they aren’t very saturated and are a little rough. These remind me of the 1 pound Primark ones, but in my memory the Primark ones are slightly more saturated. Might just use this to clean my makeup packaging and my dresser top.

My Scheming Blackhead Removing Mask 
Goal: Use half


I’m a little torn about this product…it works but it seems like my pores have gotten bigger too. I guess I’ll have to see what happens throughout the year.

Revlon Colourstay Foundation in 110 Warm Golden
Goal: Finish 


I think this is the oldest makeup item I own… I bought this in 2014 if I remember correctly. It served me well in uni since it kept me pretty matte and it was medium coverage (I always use a thin layer). There is so little left I can’t even mark the damn thing why don’t I use it??

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation in 170 Natural Beige 
Goal: Finish


A better colour match than the Warm Golden unless I stay out of the sun for too long.

Sleek Contouring and Blush Palette 
Goal: Hit pan on bronzer


This I bought either end 2014 or early 2015. I can already see the square dent that’s from the pan, so fingers crossed!

Clinique Chubby Stick for Eyes in Ample Amber 
Goal: Finish


I swatched it in Sephora and thought it was a close match to an eyeshadow I saw on Adelaide Kane. Turns out this is far more sheer and doesn’t build up very well. When you try to add more layers it can get patchy in some areas. I also need to use a primer underneath this otherwise it creases.

Silkygirl Perfect Sharp Eyeliner 
Goal: Finish


I needed eyeliner urgently and the Guardian that I stepped into only had a freaking Silkygirl counter. This eyeliner is certainly not my favourite – it bleeds, it’s not very black, and the felt tip is quite hard and it doesn’t layer very well. Using this has actually made me reduce my usage of eyeliner (I used to have eyeliner on everyday. Eyeliner over any other makeup product. I’m a Malay girl you shouldn’t be surprised).

Vaseline Lip Therapy in Rosy Lips 
Goal: Finish


I find that it locks in whatever moisture my lips have but does not add moisture to my lips. That’s a problem when you have some dry ass chapped lips like mine. I still use this on and off, but mostly use it now as a lipstick remover.

Dior Addict Lipstick in 871 Power
Goal: Finish


This was my present to myself when I got my first paycheck. Went to Sephora during the VIB sale, picked up this shade, tried it and loved it. Bought it immediately. Still love it and I don’t want it to go bad.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in 415 Pink in the Afternoon 
Goal: Finish


A case of “on the lips looks nothing like on the hand”. My lips are pretty pigmented so it looked pinker and lighter on my lips than on my hand/in the tube. The formula is good though and I find that the colour fades away nicely (aka doesn’t leave a nasty ring at the edge of your lips).

Clinique Chubby Stick Intense in Heftiest Hibiscus 
Goal: Use half


I bought this thinking “I’ll whiten my teeth then I can use this” but the reality is that my teeth has never been (and might never be) super white, and I feel that this colour makes my teeth appear more yellow. I wore it for the first time for D&D last year and I sort of like it (if I didn’t smile widely) so I’m going to try to make it work, maybe mix it with something else.

Palmer’s Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks 
Goal: Finish


This has been with me since 2014 because I was only using it on the stretch marks on my butt (which have faded slightly I think?) It is time to finish it, I don’t want this to go bad.

Sally Hansen Nail Polish Remover 
Goal: Finish



Palmer’s Hair Removal Cream 
Goal: Finish


It’s not as great as Nair but it is still much better than Veet, which stung like crazy AND dried the shit out of my skin.

Hask Macademia Hair Oil Treatment 
Goal: Finish


I use this to save my hair post-dye. It’s I think $7 and I get 4-5 uses out of it, definitely worth getting.

Rich Argan Oil Elixir  
Goal: Finish


I bought this because I couldn’t find the Hask hair oil anywhere and I was super desperate because my hair becomes a massive out-of-control frizzy disaster if I don’t use some sort of hair oil or leave-in conditioner to tame it. I don’t like it. Initially it didn’t seem to be working at all, but then my friend told me to use it when my hair was wet and then blow dry my hair instead of the other way round. I’ve seen better results since then but I have a bottle of rosehip oil waiting for me so I want to finish this as soon as I can.

I’ve marked whatever that can be marked, those that can’t be marked on the packaging I’ll most likely keep track using paper. I think I will be doing monthly updates so that I can remind myself “yo, you’re actually doing this” instead of a quarterly update that might lead to less progress. I know myself, I know that I need to hold my sloth self accountable otherwise I’ll take forever to finish up anything.

Let’s hope for some good progress next month!