I had a plan. The plan was to focus on my career, get that dolla dolla and buy all the clothes and makeup I could possibly dream of, travel with my friends and eventually maybe by myself, and if I found someone I wanted to be with along the way that would be great. If not, at 28 I was going to tell my mom yo get me a man hook me up (not in those exact words).

One week after I set the plan I met the mat. So there went that plan.

(…and maybe it was a good thing, cause now I get the dolla dolla to buy all the clothes and makeup I want and I go traveling with my friends and I got a man who keeps getting hotter as the days go by idk how but he is achieving it [shhh don’t tell him though later his kepala besar]).

Now there’s a new plan which involves a lot more patience, people and money than the original plan.

The plan is to get married. Ohhhh my god.