Say yes to the dress(es)

We went to LA Bridal’s showflat last week to choose our two outfits…and I managed to choose my pieces in half an hour. My mother was skeptical and thought that I just chose some random gown, but surprise! For the first time throughout this entire wedding journey, I knew what I wanted and they had what I wanted.

So I got to try 4 outfits total (2 for nikah, 2 for sanding), and we chose the best from there. While initially I thought that I should be able to try more outfits, narrowing it down to the top 4 made it a lot easier to decide which two pieces I wanted.

The lady was super helpful in narrowing down the options. It’s good to have an idea what you want – I wanted a Arab/Indian fusion outfit for nikah (since he’s part Arab and I’m part Indian) and a coloured gown for sanding. She asked if I wanted a white outfit or a colourful outfit for nikah, I said white, and she went to town pulling out all the possible pieces. She also pulled out some pastel pieces when I hemmed and hawwed at the white abayas, and one caught my eye immediately. Surprise, surprise, that was the one I ended up choosing. Like I said – really helpful. Just come with a plan and she will lead the way.

(I would also highly suggest you bring a girlfriend or cousin when choosing your outfits because men are useless with things like these. They’re great ego boosters – “You look great in everything yang” – but not helpful AT ALL)

There’s not really much else to say…except that I got the gown that I fell in love with a year ago and I am so excited to wear it. Probably 50 brides have worn it before but who gives a shit I look great and I feel great in that gown. It also fits my hips just nice so I can’t gain any weight otherwise we’re going to have a problem. So I guess it’s salads and juice throughout the last month…and then probably some wild weight gain post-wedding when I shove prawn crackers down my throat.

Weirdly enough it was harder for the mat to decide what he wanted?? He was already keen on one of the suits when we went the first time before booking LA Bridal, and luckily it wasn’t taken so he got that. But the baju kurung for nikah was tough because I had chosen a cream outfit instead of a white one. They had a cream baju kurung with all these beads and I took one look and I knew he was 100% not going to put that on. Thankfully the lady dug out a plain baju kurung set that was being altered for another groom.

Now that the outfits are chosen, we need to buy some things to complete our looks. LA Bridal doesn’t provide shoes for both bride and groom, shirt, cufflinks and belt for the groom (if he’s wearing a suit), and songkok (if he’s wearing baju kurung). I was also advised to get a bodyshaper, which made me sad because I thought that meant I couldn’t eat but it turns out I can eat and the bodyshaper will hide the food baby. I am down for this.

Over the weekend we went to Tanjong Katong Complex to get the custom songkok, since he wants a cream one to match the outfit…just that we couldn’t remember which cream the outfit was. Thankfully the pakcik was so kind and told us he would prepare the rangka of the songkok first and after the final fitting we could let him know what colour we wanted. I can’t remember the name of the shop, but his store is on the first floor a few shops away from Begum Boutique. You should be able to find his store – and many other songkok shops in the TKC/Joo Chiat area – if you Google. That’s how the mat found this one.

I’m gonna have bimbo bride-to-be moment right now and tell you that I’m super excited to put on those two outfits and become his wife. I still can’t cook properly and I still haven’t met the decor person to confirm the decor and I don’t even have my berkat settled but I’m ready for this part.


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