27 before 27

I know I’m currently trying to clear 17 items in 2017 – and that is one heck of a long-term project – but goals help me use up products that I might sit on or try to “save” because they’re good. And then they might get expired because I’m trying to save them. Story of my life.

So here’s a second project to finish 27 items before I turn 27 on 14 Feb next year! They’re mostly small items or things that I’m already halfway through and I just need that extra push to finish it. I really want to finish things so that I don’t have to bring them over to my new home and mayyyybe I want to get things from Sephora’s Black Friday sale coming up in November. Maybe. Perhaps. Mayhaps. We’ll see.

This is going to be a rollover project – once something is finished I’ll replace it with something else…unless there’s really nothing that I want to try to finish up. Also there’s a lot of skincare things because I’ve narrowed down my makeup a lot. There’s little makeup that I want to get rid of right now.


Why is this so difficult to use??


This was supposed to be an “Hourglass dupe” um…no. It also gives my skin a white tinge so I can’t pile it on unless I want to look “casket-ready”. If I finish the matte side before my birthday, I might just toss it because I’m not interested in being a white cast disco ball. The shimmer side is a mess I can see the glitter when I look up close in the mirror.


BOURJOIS | Don’t intend to finish this up completely, but to use as much as possible because I really like the shade but this has been overlooked in favour of the other 2 lipsticks in my 17 by 2017 project.

NYX| I spent 2 hours looking at lip swatches of this lipstick before purchasing it and it was STILL the wrong shade. It’s a lot brighter and more pink than I expected. I’m going to use as much as possible and toss whatever is left by 14 Feb because it’s not my favourite and it’s starting to smell a little funky.


After almost a year’s worth of use, I am so close to finishing this. This has a white cast that makes me look sick. I use it in the morning before applying lipstick but I can’t use this on its own.


My friend gave me these to try out back in December. These have been here for way too long.


IT COSMETICS | This breaks me out if I use it everyday on my face. It moisturizes fine, but it didn’t do anything that made me go “Wow, I’m going to buy the full size now”. Intending to be bougie and use this as a neck moisturizer to finish it up.

NAOBAY | I got this in the Lookfantastic Beauty Box back in November last year. I’m very hesitant to use this as a face moisturizer because creams just break me out so will find some way to finish this.


Waiting for my Phuket trip in November to use these two up!


MOISTURIZING BOMB FOIL | Excited to try this not gonna lie.

WATER BOMB FOIL | The saleswoman said this was good for dry skin but you best believe I’m going to try everything.


MOISTURIZING BOMB | Praying to the gods that this doesn’t break me out.

AQUA BOMB | Currently using this. It’s not breaking me out which is always great but I do feel a little oilier than usual. Hmm.


THE FACE SHOP | Got this when I signed up for TFS membership (“It’s free!”)

BELIF | I really should read up on this before putting this on my face because I have no idea what this does.


DEARPACKER | I heard so many great things on Youtube and I was super excited to try the range…but the day after I used the Black Tea Rose mask I started getting pimples on my cheeks. I’m now hesitant to use this but this damn thing cost me $5.90 so I am 100% not going to throw this away I could have bought lunch with this money smh

COSRX | This is a 3 step kit with the cleanser, toner and mask. Excited!



This is a perfect example of “They’re good quality so I need to save them!!” No, I need to USE THEM BEFORE THEY EXPIRE.


Good ol’ me bought this without realizing it has exfoliating beads in it. Using this as a neck mask because I’m now living the bougie life by force.


Can I just say that I don’t know how people can tolerate the smell of this? This smells like day 4 unwashed hair. It does not smell good. I think I’ve used 3 pads so 25 to go.


This did nothing for my hair and gave me dandruff. I’m using it now to wash my brushes.


This is a pretty good mask – my hair is super duper smooth afterwards. I might go hunting for a full size when this is done.

ESSENCE MICELLAR WATER (I couldn’t find it while I was taking photos) | This breaks me out on my jawline. I think it might be the fragrance because none of the other ingredients appear to be culprits.

I’m pretty close to finishing some of these, so hopefully this will push me to use them up quickly!


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