Three down, many to go

So somehow this week we managed to settle two things (surprise! sloths apparently act fast when in some kind of… productive panicky mood) and I am well on my way to creating a full set of Google docs. I know, who am I??

Actually you know what, we settled three things because the mat freaked out that some of the hotels/apartments he saved in Agoda for our honeymoon are all booked so he decided to just book everything. I’m not even making this up, our honeymoon is settled. And our wedding is not. I don’t even know what to say. On Thursday I was in his room staring at apartments, chalets, hotels and a shed (that look cute and cozy and I was about that life until we see the outdoor pic and it turns out we would be living in someone’s backyard and the toilet was separate which explained why it was going for $45) and we’re like what the heck is going on why is everything booked on the days we wanna go? It’s not even peak period it’s not the world cup it’s not the nation’s 50th birthday what is going on??

Then when I met him yesterday he’s like ok I booked everything because I didn’t want to be houseless here’s the breakdown. Boom. The man knows how go full speed ahead when he wants to.

(Also on Thursday he discovered that I get whiny and make really bad jokes when I’m tired. But that’s a whole other story.)

The first thing we settled were the wedding invitations. I decided that somebody needed to start doing something and if that someone was me fine. A woman’s gotta do what a woman’s gotta do. Seeing how I absolutely despise talking to people (how did I do mass comm for 7 years is BEYOND ME) I decided to start with the only vendor that the Landmark gave me that had an email – my wedding cards vendor.

I remember really liking some of the designs that they showed at the wedding expo back in January, so I figured it shouldn’t really be a stressful thing (coughberkatcough). Connie from T Dragon Cards got back to me in 2 days with some photos of the designs we could pick. Now if you go to their website it might look like something done up by a secondary school kid circa 2004 hosted by Angelfire but these fellas do cards for some big hotels. Like that banquet wedding package that’s $1080/table? They’re the card vendors. So they’re legit, just that their website is not.

You can order the cards online or you can go to their showroom to look at the cards. We decided to go down and take a look, and I’m glad that we did because there’s a difference when you look at the cards in real life and touch them. The mat actually was really keen on this card that looked black in the photo they sent us but in reality it was more of a dark blue. It wasn’t printed on blue card either, it was on white semi-matte card. So if you printed one side the back was white and if you printed it both sides the edges were white. I could tell he was disappointed about it and I was disappointed about it too because this was something that he took interest in and y’all there are some things he just does not care about (e.g. bridal). But at the same time I’m not blaming T Dragon Cards because they’re probably given an budget to work with and dark blue card most likely exceeded that budget.

We ended up choosing another design and topped-up additional cost for having double sided printing. For the record, they do have those traditional cards with the two page inserts but neither of us were interested in those. And we couldn’t just have one language because he was going to invite important non-Malay people and I wanted to have Malay on the cards because I’m not about the “kacang lupakan kulit” life. Also my grandmother would never let me forget my sins and will bring that up even at her deathbed.

One of my aunts couldn’t understand why I paid for the double sided printing when they offered me those traditional cards. She said that it’s just a card, people throw away cards. And she’s right, but you know what; I’m known as the girl that does design and I’m not going to put my name on a meh card and mail it out. That card better be aesthetically pleasing because I got a reputation to maintain. If all they offered me were meh cards I would design one myself. Is that petty and kind of bridezilla? Probably. Do I care? No.

So we’re getting the cards hopefully around September if the drafts turn out fine. Then I need to make space to store all of those cards and pray hard that they don’t get yellow spots by December.

The second thing we settled was the kurus rumah tangga. I’m not gonna lie, I kinda delayed this because when you attend this course it’s basically saying, this is real. Which I should be okay with but I’m kind of worried about it because I worry about lots of things. Like what if the guy asks me “So what is his favourite song?” and I get it wrong? I know it sounds ridiculous but it’s stressful like maybe the people we’re going for this course with know each other for donkey years and know everything about each other, including but not limited to what time they pee after lunch, how many days a week they snore in their sleep and how long do their shoes last. And I suppose in an ideal world I should know everything about the mat before I marry him but let’s be real you will never know everything about a person until you live with them. What if the people doing the course tell us “look man, you guys don’t know enough about each other” what would that mean? Am I stressing myself out for no good reason? I don’t know.

Anyway. Deep (or maybe not too deep) thoughts aside, on Friday afternoon while discussing about going to take a look at the wedding cards my brain decided it would be a good time to check out the timings for the course that were still available. An hour later we’ve booked one and all we gotta do now is remember to attend it.

Now that I’m sort of on a slow roll, I should probably settle my photographer and bridal issues this coming week.


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