Wedding inspiration no 5 – the BHLDN round

For some strange, strange reason, I suddenly feel the urge to have that dreamy, Pinterest-perfect wedding. Which is dangerous because that way leads to possible excessive spending and the need to have the perfect floral arrangement on every table. Dangerous.

This also translates to the outfit I mean…

…As you can tell there is an aesthetic that I am drawn to.

So here I am suddenly having feelings and guess what? BHLDN appeared on my Instagram feed. One thing led to another and I ended up on BHLDN’s website. It’s still as pretty as I remembered. It also has a lot of things that make me have even more feelings.

Let’s start with the gowns. For the record, I am well aware that I can’t wear all of this, but I am drawn to the elements of the dresses – the colour, the beading, the embroidery etc. The dusty rose / rose gold / millennial pink aesthetic is 100% me right now. If I could convert 3/4 of my wardrobe to those colours I’d be set for life.


Aurora is very much the classic white dress with a little oomph. I think the beading saves this one from being a snooze, and that’s kind of what I go for on a day-to-day basis.


But then again I also hear that Fatimah Mohsin lady telling me that the bride can’t be dressed so simply, so the Barton ups the glam factor but still maintains the simplicity that I love. For real, make this long sleeved and it is highly likely that I am sold. The beading at the waist makes me feel so satisfied.


While I am on the fence about Cecelia’s embellishments, I am on board with the colour and cut.


This Ramona gown is here solely for the wild tulle skirt. If I was going to get married in a garden this would be the kind of gown I would go for.


I love love love the length of the Sierra’s train. Not too intense, but still there. I feel like if the train on my dress is too long I’ll step on it and fall. Seeing how I’ve stepped on my own kain before and almost tumbling down it is definitely possible. And the flowy sleeves are so pretty.


This was the dress that I saw on Instagram that gave me life and opened the gates to this madness. THAT LACE THO?? It is so incredibly pretty and dainty and I want it. However. I’m kind of disappointed with the front of this Sol dress because my first look of it was from that back and it was incredible so I had mad high expectations for it. To me, this is very much a “Take my pics from the back” dress.


If the Sun Valley was a long dress instead of a short one, I would be absolutely sold. Flowy, muted pink, fair amount of bling, loose sleeves so that no one knows the real size of arms…yes to all.


BHLDN also has separates for you to purchase to form your own unique wedding outfit (that might really look like a gown unless you squint closer), like this Itala and Delia combo.


And this Wythe and Amora duo – could you tell that this was a top and a skirt if I didn’t mention it? I love how the colour of the embroidered flowers match the skirt. It’s details like these that pull me in. I also really like the shape that this outfit gives…but am I willing to wear such a silhouette that demands a flat stomach aka I must wear a corset and that means I can’t eat much? I’m not sure tbh. Probably will depend on how great my butt looks.

Who can forget the veil?


The Ninette veil + Sol gown = perfection from the back. I haven’t seen Malay bridals do this kind of veil though, most of them are just mad long with little to no bling. The shorter ones I’ve seen on Instagram end at a weird length and makes the outfit look incomplete. It could be the way the fabric is cut – a lot of it is straight across instead of the gentle curve this veil has.


A handpainted long veil screams Pinterest worthy. The Sonnet would be the perfect veil for a laid back wedding aka the wedding that is not mine.


While I know I want the veil for the nikah, I’m not completely certain on a veil for the walimah, especially since so many stores now have pretty accessories like these winter garden combs.


Now we talking about the serious stuff.

Shoes, even though they are hidden under the pouf of a skirt, are important. If Singapore’s wind decides to turn up for the wedding uninvited, you bet I’m gonna be exposing some quality footwear (even if it ends up to be my 3 year old Charles and Keith heels. Those heels make my feet look important and make my legs last for days).

The Victoria heels are pretty lace heels from the 1st photo in the mosaic above. These are what I consider aspirational wedding shoes – shoes that theoretically, in my head, are the ideal pair for a bride. They are white and lacy and delicate. They are madly photogenic. They are also not practical for daily use, and if I wore this to people’s houses for Hari Raya everyone will know that these were the heels I got married in because it is such a bridal shoe.

They are also very, very pretty and if I had the money I would buy them.



I have been toying with the idea of wearing wedges instead of heels for the added support, but I might actually be more likely to end up tripping on my gown in wedges. These Candace wedges are glorious though.


In the interests of my feet, I’ve also been looking at lower heeled shoes like the Kierna. These are pretty bridal, but I can also see myself wearing this again and again to many occasions – going out, to weddings, even to work. However. The mat is pretty damn tall. Like I’ve worn five inch heels next to him and I still gotta look up a little kind of pretty damn tall. And while I am more than ok to be shorter than him, I am not ready to appear midget-like in wedding photos. These are real first-world problems.

So that’s what caught my eye over at BHLDN, and I’m surprised that I wasn’t drawn to the serious bling that I saw in belts and other hair accessories. Shows how your tastes can change so quickly.



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