To kompang or not to kompang?

I’ve always imagined my wedding being either Malay af or Indian af, or mixed Malay/Indian af. Then the mat came round and he didn’t want Indian af because it meant that we also had to go Arab af, so I figured ok, Malay af it is (minus the karaoke. and the gubahan. and the pulut kuning with the red egg. and the – ok just Malay.).

And THEN last week there was a wedding at a nearby void deck and they had the most enthusiastic kompang group I had ever heard in my life. Like there was remix and there was a very passionate cowbell player and I was impressed and my mother had a headache. She told me “How your wedding going to have kompang?? It’s an enclosed area, at least this is open.”

And it struck me that I didn’t even discuss this with the mat. We have no kompang, and our wedding is in March next year. Fabulous.

I’ve read the ex-BTB blogs, I’ve talked to my cousin, I stalked Cozycot before they conveniently shut down the year I got engaged and truly needed a bridal forum so I’m pretty aware that people book kompang like 2 years in advance. They stalk the kompang group FB/Instagram/Snapchat etc. Yet here I was stuck with no kompang.

Of course, I could go without the kompang. That’s obviously possible…but what would I enter my walimah with? I hate Maher Zain, but I also feel a bit weird walking towards the pelamin with an English song (macam kerek u know?). Basically, all my life I’ve attended Malay weddings with kompang, I cannot imagine how else the pengantin will enter the walimah.

So I asked the mat if we were going to have a kompang group and he was like “No, for what? Just use music ah.” And then he went on about no clubbing music (probably afraid that I was inspired by my friend), no Hindustan music (which I probably will have to fight for), just use a mix tape. That conversation went astray so I guess I will have to address it again. Soon. Ish.

My mother had previously suggested kompang recording, because we are cheapskate like that, but fading it away as we sit down on the pelamin is going to be…kind of strange I think. I mean I could enter in a paalki carried by 6 men but that would be awkward for everyone involved including myself because I’d be worried they will drop the paalki. And we can’t enter via motorbike because the venue is on the 5th floor (he was very into that idea when we were looking at Grassroots. My mother still goes on about it.)

Oh my god I cannot believe I’m worried about kompang what has my life become. Okay next time I meet him gotta discuss this. Among like, 5 other things. I should probably write down a list I might just forget by the time I wake up tomorrow morning.


3 thoughts on “To kompang or not to kompang?

  1. halalsoon says:

    I wanted kompang but my fiance didn’t want. He’s uncomfortable with the whole idea of it (like too much attention) while I think it’s not complete without it. In the end we booked one 9 months before the wedding haha.

    Why you hate maher zain btw! Curious!


    • fdiyanah says:

      We’re now on the 9 month mark so hopefully we can figure something out soon! I think I’m a bit like a headless chicken now because I keep thinking “It’s ok got a year to go” but no it is no longer a year /o\

      I think I hate his songs because they got wayyy too overexposed. When he first got popular I was ok with him, but now I cringe at every wedding. It’s an irrational dislike ah haha


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