Wedding inspiration no 4

Salam Ramadan everyone! Hope everyone’s first day went well. There’s something about this month that makes me calmer and more productive, and I’m always looking forward to the rain (unless I’m in office and I can’t sleep, of course).

I’ve decided not to go by weeks when it comes to my wedding inspiration posts because oh my god am I terrible at updating or am I terrible at updating? For the past month since I was away, I ran off to Europe with my friends for my final epic single trip before the wedding. I expected to be my regular self (aka give no shits about whatever was happening back in SG), instead I ended up pining for the mat by the end of the trip. Ridiculous. I was done with myself. This is what it means by love makes you stupid.

And then I came back to backlog of work and I’ve finally sort of managed to clear it, just in time for Ramadan. So here I am now, finally updating the blog.

While I was away I was still saving photos on Instagram and looking for inspiration, so here is everything from the past month (which is…quite a bit hee).



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