Feeling my money flying away

In the last 2 weeks I have attended three weddings, which is definitely a new record seeing how sometimes I don’t attend three weddings in a year. They were three vastly different weddings – the first one was a wedding that confused me greatly because I was surrounded by tudung makciks but the music was clubbing music, the second was a traditional church wedding, the third was a non-traditional church wedding that involved a Beyonce dance routine. So I’ve had some good food and I’ve reunited with some friends but it also means that I no longer have a precious $150 with me.

$150 could have bought me a month’s worth of lunches argh

The mat and I have been cutting down our spending for dates. We now have a $20 budget for meals, we haven’t watched a movie in theatres in months and date suggestions are now met with “Ok, but is it free tho/how much is it?”.

For myself, I haven’t bought clothes since… December?? If we don’t count the Uniqlo jumpsuit. That’s a pretty long time for me. I actually didn’t buy anything during wt+’s anniversary sale last week. Me, the all-time fan of Dorothy Perkins and Warehouse. Miracle.

I have also been holding back on the makeup/skincare/beauty front, knowing that I am going to go apeshit in Europe. I did break my no-buy yesterday though because I saw the animal face sheet masks at BHG. I’ve wanted to try one for so long just to see how ridiculous I look but $4.90 is an absurd price for a sheet mask that doesn’t promise anything incredible. With the 20% off it isn’t a big discount but at least it’s not almost $5.


I feel like I look like Chewbacca instead of a fox?? But this mask makes me look like I’m pouting even though I’m not and my cheekbones are on point. Stunning. Worth the $3.92 I paid.

(If you’re interested in what good it did to my skin…. well, my pores were smaller and my forehead wrinkles were a little less prominent…for the night. Most sheet mask results are temporary unless you use them on a regular basis.)

Also I had to buy a new shampoo because my current shampoo is either too harsh or is doing jackshit because I now have dandruff. After 26 years of my life being dandruff free I saw huge flakes on my hair in the office bathroom and freaked the hell out when I found more hiding underneath the layers. I’ve been using my brother’s Clear shampoo the last two times I’ve shampooed and the dandruff situation has improved a lot but I find that my hair is becoming very frizzy even with the conditioner and the hair oil, so I figured I should buy new shampoo before the frizz gets worse. I also need to figure out what to do with the remaining half bottle of shampoo that I have because I’m not to keen on reviving the dandruff.

I have actually been very tempted by some makeup and sheet masks (they are my new favourite shiny thing) but I have been going strong and not purchased anything. Not even at the Guardian 3 for 2 sale where I walked around for a whole hour and left with pads. I can only hope that this determination lasts.




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