One year to go

It is officially less than a year before I become someone’s wife and my mind can’t really compute this. Like a year is really short??

I went out with the mat and I full on revealed the bullshit comments because I couldn’t deal with it anymore. So far I haven’t been saying much about what people have been saying because it’s my family and people who we know who are being problematic and I don’t really want to give him a not-very-nice impression, but I suspected he thinks that I’m overreacting when I tell him that I’m really annoyed and upset about some things that people say. And I have to say that it feels like a weight lifted off my shoulders that he now understands why I’m so upset. Of course he reminded me that I have to play nice (by now I guess he figured out I’m not exactly a PR person) and suggested some truly annoying responses. Not rude, just annoying. Eg:

“Dah pilih berkat belum??”
“Apa berkat dia?”
“Ohhh secret, nanti hari tu dapat tahu.”

…I feel like only he can get away with this sort of reply. But I appreciate him listening to my rant and trying to cheer me up.

The Landmark has also sent us info about the vendors we are using. I thought they were going to arrange the things for us…but it turns out that we still have to arrange. But I’m not going to complain because we aren’t paying a lot for this, the vendors seem quite legit, and maybe I asked for the information too early that’s why we are doing the work….? Not sure about the last part. But now we have actual things to do so everyone can get off my back I’m doing shit for my wedding okay. The only info we haven’t received is the berkat, but I feel like that one I can just go Value Dollar Shop n buy chocolate for everyone if we don’t like whatever is offered.

363 days. Here we go.



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