No buy update

So it has been 2 weeks since I declared a no-buy. I broke it on the third day because the Uniqlo jumpsuit I had been eyeing forever was going for half price and I decided it was a now or never type thing. At first I was like “oh my god I suck I just told myself I wasn’t going to buy things in March” but then I told myself “yo you’ve been searching for this damn jumpsuit throughout Feb and now you have found it don’t hate yourself fam” and then I got over it. I decided that if I only bought the jumpsuit and not the other 10 things I was eyeing in the store I was fine.

Otherwise, I have actually been to busy to even consider stepping into a Watsons/Guardian/Sephora. I think the week before Krabi I went to a Guardian to check out face sunscreen but what they had was meh so I just used my friend’s face sunscreen which was Chanel so I guess it was good that I didn’t buy the sunscreen lol.

Then in Krabi I went to a Watson’s with my friend because she didn’t bring her brow pencil and I was super tempted because their makeup aisle is LEGIT and their lotion and skincare selection is mad impressive. However I didn’t have check in luggage so I couldn’t buy any lotion or skincare and I full on resisted the makeup isle – Wet n Wild had a whole rack the struggle was real – because I wanted to get mango sticky rice on the way back to the hotel (this some real perangai budak gemuk I know). I got two Essence brushes because I didn’t see them in SG and I know Essence brushes are cheap and good (and they were pretty!).

I’ve been back from Krabi for a week and since then I gotta say I’ve just been using whatever I have (makeup and clothes) and I’ve been enjoying it. This part of my life is going well.



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