I enjoy long walks in nature reserves

So in the past 3 weeks plus that I haven’t been posting, the following has happened:

  1. I got 2 pesky wisdom teeth out. Had to do a surgery for the bottom one and I forked out the serious cash to get a specialist dentist and get full on knocked out because I didn’t to be traumatized. It was such a good decision I’m so proud of myself. Yes, I am $2k poorer but I remember nothing because I was completely asleep throughout the surgery. I remember looking at the tv screen on the ceiling trying not to freak out and the next thing I knew the dental assistant was shaking me awake and I had a mouth full of gauze. Honestly truly please ask me if you are considering doing the same thing I cannot recommend this clinic enough.
  2. The mat drove up to Thailand with a group of friends who all have the same motor the week when I was having the surgery. He now has a bunch of photos of a row of motors that are all the same.
  3. Since we are on the topic of motor I would like to say I am MAD PISSED AT WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO MOTOR ARF. I have many things to say but I am v frustrated and I feel like everything is gg to come out wrong u feel
  4. Ok back to actual life. I’ve been trying to get the mat to walk more since I found out that he actually doesn’t walk anywhere (if not on motor then in car. if not in car then on buggy. if not on buggy then on motor) and so far I have been fairly successful. Since he loves nature so much I have sacrificed my (shoe) soles to walk rocky trails in forests. One day we walked from the shophouses near I12 Katong to Parkway Parade. Which you might think is near but not when your fiancee says “Let’s cut through Roxy Square there’s a shortcut” but no there is no shortcut you took the long route in and out of a shopping mall. But I won’t scold him I’ve lost 2 kg so far wheeee
  5. The mat and I went full on shopping for the first time and I gotta say practical shopping is so boring no wonder men don’t like shopping if I had to shop like how he shops I’d be bored too.
  6. I have heard all sorts of doubts about my vendor choice which has been annoying as hell and makes me want to just cancel the big wedding and go makan chilli crab with, you know, people that I actually like to spend time with.

Work has been quite tough on both of us this past month, but we have been going out more often. Probably because he’s no longer driving and doesn’t have to worry about covering rental. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the comforts of the car. I loved how I was still comfy and dry when there was a thunderstorm, that I could finally wear all my pretty dresses and skirts when I went dating, that I could actually wear earrings when I met him. But I did not enjoy meeting him so little and even then he was distracted because he hadn’t covered the rental. I’ll take the motorbike and flattened hair any day to see him so much more relaxed. Like you know how people say when the person you love is stressed then you also become stressed, but when they are happy you are also happy? Ya this is me being a sentimental sap.

And now that I’m typing all of this I realise that we still haven’t done any research about pre-wedding course aaaahahaha we are terrible we are both going for long holidays (separately ofc haram uolls pergi sama2) and we got all of that planned but not this. All we’ve talked about is how we both agree to not take any express courses (personal preference, not that express courses are bad) and that we should probably take it before December because we know ourselves, we might just go holiday again.

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