Wedding dress inspiration – Elie Saab Couture Spring 2017

This post is going to be somewhat incomprehensible because Elie Saab has blown me away AGAIN. When I was considering going to a tailor to get my wedding outfits done I was looking at his gowns. I then discovered quite a number of brides who tailored their wedding dresses were inspired by him too and how they managed to get their outfits done at low cost (it’s always the damn fabric, once you get the right fabric you are set).

4 days ago he presented his latest collection. I saw bits and pieces of it and I loved what I saw; then I learnt that the collection was inspired by the golden age of Egyptian cinema and I was like sign me the fuck up this is what I am here for!!

I contemplated doing a mosaic gallery but I have so many things to say so this is going to be a super image heavy post with lots of gushing. Also this is not the complete collection, only those that I think I can use as inspiration for wedding outfits. The rest I want to use everywhere else. Like to client meetings. To family gatherings. At the kopitiam. While jogging at McRitchie. Just, everywhere. (All images from Vogue)


The COLOUR is PERFECTION make it a slit-less skirt and add a sleeve and I can wear this without anyone making a huge fuss



Slightly unsure about the beading at the stomach area (will it make mortals appear sloppy?) but that skirt now that’s what I’m talking about


I kind of wish that some of these outfit were lined so that I don’t have to rack my brain trying to imagine them lined. Like this is stunning but when it’s lined will it lose the effect?


Always down for a good cape dress. The embellishing makes me want to yell


Embellished cape jumpsuit??? It’s like he knew my innermost dreams. Change those pants to a skirt and I will sell my soul.


Chiffon everything yaaaaas plus that periwinkle blue is to die for


If we were having our wedding on the 1st floor of a building and we were driving his motor into the reception this is what I would wear no one can stop me


This is the quintessential Elie Saab gown that I absolutely love – feminine, ethereal, and hopefully if I get a food baby it won’t be that obvious. I like the addition of the fabric across the neck, but those feathers have got to go a girl needs to eat her ayam masak merah


Wishing u were lined so I can tell if this would work

(That detail though mmmmmm yessssss)




I want to wear this everyday. This would be the preferred look in the scenario where the mat and I zoom into our reception on his macho bike but that skirt might get caught in the wheels and we would have a disaster. So I’ll just wear it everyday instead. With the luxe headband too. All outfits must have that luxe headband.




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