Wedding dress inspiration – Week 1

Sooooo….remember when I said I was gonna just take Fatimah Mohsin’s bridal package and call it done (because I am lazy af)?

The past week I’ve been going through Instagram on the way to work and so far I haven’t seen anything on their Instagram that I am crazy in love with. They are pretty but they are not what I’d wear. Ugh WHY everything was all settled and I was so ready to just save up the money but now I have this nagging feeling in my gut that maybe I should take another company…and the gut is always right. Ok fine 99% of the time right but that 1% was so irrelevant I can’t even remember what it was.


110% what is happening right now / From The Awkward Yeti (check it out if u haven’t!)

So since I am now having this problem, I decided to start keeping track of the outfits I’ve seen that I love. Every week I’ll post whatever I have, and then by March I’ll have a small collection that I can refer to when I decide if I should really engage FM or find another bridal.

(Hopefully looking for the right bridal company or bridal outfits one year in advance isn’t too late *sweats nervously*)

Still trying to figure out the best way to display these images. For now hover over the picture for credits (All from Instagram this week, too busy to search elsewhere)

As you can tell there are 2 ways my outfits can go: 1) simple with a little extra 2) the most elaborate dress to outdress the rest.

I feel like I’m going to either have a blush gown or a blue gown (or maybe a light blue baju kurung for nikah?) because these are the main colours that I’ve been loving so far. Some quick notes on the photos above:

1) Kahwinkawin bridal has some outfits that are really up my alley but I feel like something is often amiss idk is the fit not right? Or could it be the material they use I’m not sure not a seamstress
2) The Versari Ade nikah oufit is the perfect combo of Indian and Malay I’m affected
3) The dress in the @lovingcouture photo is the foundations of my dream dress. Honestly, truly
4) The blue LA bridal abaya was posted much earlier on a mannequin. This is the abaya that started my LA bridal obsession
5) The pink ones with the gold trim and detailing are perfection and I know those are supposed to be bridesmaid dresses but who cares as long as I’m wearing something??
6) I am so, so, so tempted to fly up to KL and check out Fuzana Mokhtaza because her dresses are insanely gorgeous and I lust after almost every single one that is on her Instagram, but I am also aware that I am working on a limited budget and I sound a little bit crazy.
7) How frustrating is it that the FM gown I love is custom made?

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