Finish 17 in 2017

For the past year or so I’ve been watching more decluttering/Project Pan videos than makeup hauls. I’ve come to realise that I would be more satisfied owning a few products that I love rather than having everything but only liking 4 or 5 items that I use all the time.

2016 was a year where I got real w myself. I threw out a lot of things that were either far too old for me to use or I knew I wasn’t going to use. I really cut down on the amount of makeup and skincare products I bought.

Then a makeup shopping bug hit me hard and I felt the urge to buy everything. I think that happened because I was down to so few products. I actually finished some pretty big items (for me ah) like my bronzer of 4 ( yes. 4.) years and my two pressed powders so I felt like I could treat myself especially since I was now working.

Not gonna lie – Black Friday sales took most of my money. I made one order post-Christmas but end November was a wild time for my credit card. I’ve already used some of the items; some I know I will repurchase, others I know I would’t buy again.

After my last package came I haven’t had any urge to buy anything (thank god) since I am fully stocked. I reshuffled things here and there to fit in the new stuff and I realised that some items that work for me are getting old and I want to use them up because I enjoy using them and I’m afraid that they will go bad soon. And then there are items that I bought that I really don’t like and I want to use them up as quickly as I can (or at least enough for me to justify throwing it out). More importantly, I want to reduce the amount of things I have to bring to my future husband’s house next year. We actually to have to share a room with a fish tank and I dunno how we gonna do it considering my makeup and my clothes and his motor stuff.

So!!! After that long rambling introduction, here are the 17 items that I would like to finish this year. (Heads up – photos are not going to be spectacular)


Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray
Goal: Finish


Need to bring this to work and spray it on my face when the air-con gets too much because I definitely do not use this at home. This is why I have issues with value packs – I didn’t need this but I needed the other things in that set.

Nivea Makeup Removal Wipes 
Goal: Finish


Bought this when I was supposed to go to the mat’s place and I realised I had nothing to remove my makeup and I had to pray. I don’t even know if I want to use this for my face – they aren’t very saturated and are a little rough. These remind me of the 1 pound Primark ones, but in my memory the Primark ones are slightly more saturated. Might just use this to clean my makeup packaging and my dresser top.

My Scheming Blackhead Removing Mask 
Goal: Use half


I’m a little torn about this product…it works but it seems like my pores have gotten bigger too. I guess I’ll have to see what happens throughout the year.

Revlon Colourstay Foundation in 110 Warm Golden
Goal: Finish 


I think this is the oldest makeup item I own… I bought this in 2014 if I remember correctly. It served me well in uni since it kept me pretty matte and it was medium coverage (I always use a thin layer). There is so little left I can’t even mark the damn thing why don’t I use it??

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation in 170 Natural Beige 
Goal: Finish


A better colour match than the Warm Golden unless I stay out of the sun for too long.

Sleek Contouring and Blush Palette 
Goal: Hit pan on bronzer


This I bought either end 2014 or early 2015. I can already see the square dent that’s from the pan, so fingers crossed!

Clinique Chubby Stick for Eyes in Ample Amber 
Goal: Finish


I swatched it in Sephora and thought it was a close match to an eyeshadow I saw on Adelaide Kane. Turns out this is far more sheer and doesn’t build up very well. When you try to add more layers it can get patchy in some areas. I also need to use a primer underneath this otherwise it creases.

Silkygirl Perfect Sharp Eyeliner 
Goal: Finish


I needed eyeliner urgently and the Guardian that I stepped into only had a freaking Silkygirl counter. This eyeliner is certainly not my favourite – it bleeds, it’s not very black, and the felt tip is quite hard and it doesn’t layer very well. Using this has actually made me reduce my usage of eyeliner (I used to have eyeliner on everyday. Eyeliner over any other makeup product. I’m a Malay girl you shouldn’t be surprised).

Vaseline Lip Therapy in Rosy Lips 
Goal: Finish


I find that it locks in whatever moisture my lips have but does not add moisture to my lips. That’s a problem when you have some dry ass chapped lips like mine. I still use this on and off, but mostly use it now as a lipstick remover.

Dior Addict Lipstick in 871 Power
Goal: Finish


This was my present to myself when I got my first paycheck. Went to Sephora during the VIB sale, picked up this shade, tried it and loved it. Bought it immediately. Still love it and I don’t want it to go bad.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in 415 Pink in the Afternoon 
Goal: Finish


A case of “on the lips looks nothing like on the hand”. My lips are pretty pigmented so it looked pinker and lighter on my lips than on my hand/in the tube. The formula is good though and I find that the colour fades away nicely (aka doesn’t leave a nasty ring at the edge of your lips).

Clinique Chubby Stick Intense in Heftiest Hibiscus 
Goal: Use half


I bought this thinking “I’ll whiten my teeth then I can use this” but the reality is that my teeth has never been (and might never be) super white, and I feel that this colour makes my teeth appear more yellow. I wore it for the first time for D&D last year and I sort of like it (if I didn’t smile widely) so I’m going to try to make it work, maybe mix it with something else.

Palmer’s Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks 
Goal: Finish


This has been with me since 2014 because I was only using it on the stretch marks on my butt (which have faded slightly I think?) It is time to finish it, I don’t want this to go bad.

Sally Hansen Nail Polish Remover 
Goal: Finish



Palmer’s Hair Removal Cream 
Goal: Finish


It’s not as great as Nair but it is still much better than Veet, which stung like crazy AND dried the shit out of my skin.

Hask Macademia Hair Oil Treatment 
Goal: Finish


I use this to save my hair post-dye. It’s I think $7 and I get 4-5 uses out of it, definitely worth getting.

Rich Argan Oil Elixir  
Goal: Finish


I bought this because I couldn’t find the Hask hair oil anywhere and I was super desperate because my hair becomes a massive out-of-control frizzy disaster if I don’t use some sort of hair oil or leave-in conditioner to tame it. I don’t like it. Initially it didn’t seem to be working at all, but then my friend told me to use it when my hair was wet and then blow dry my hair instead of the other way round. I’ve seen better results since then but I have a bottle of rosehip oil waiting for me so I want to finish this as soon as I can.

I’ve marked whatever that can be marked, those that can’t be marked on the packaging I’ll most likely keep track using paper. I think I will be doing monthly updates so that I can remind myself “yo, you’re actually doing this” instead of a quarterly update that might lead to less progress. I know myself, I know that I need to hold my sloth self accountable otherwise I’ll take forever to finish up anything.

Let’s hope for some good progress next month!

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