Wedding dress inspiration – Elie Saab Couture Spring 2017

This post is going to be somewhat incomprehensible because Elie Saab has blown me away AGAIN. When I was considering going to a tailor to get my wedding outfits done I was looking at his gowns. I then discovered quite a number of brides who tailored their wedding dresses were inspired by him too and how they managed to get their outfits done at low cost (it’s always the damn fabric, once you get the right fabric you are set).

4 days ago he presented his latest collection. I saw bits and pieces of it and I loved what I saw; then I learnt that the collection was inspired by the golden age of Egyptian cinema and I was like sign me the fuck up this is what I am here for!!

I contemplated doing a mosaic gallery but I have so many things to say so this is going to be a super image heavy post with lots of gushing. Also this is not the complete collection, only those that I think I can use as inspiration for wedding outfits. The rest I want to use everywhere else. Like to client meetings. To family gatherings. At the kopitiam. While jogging at McRitchie. Just, everywhere. (All images from Vogue)


The COLOUR is PERFECTION make it a slit-less skirt and add a sleeve and I can wear this without anyone making a huge fuss



Slightly unsure about the beading at the stomach area (will it make mortals appear sloppy?) but that skirt now that’s what I’m talking about


I kind of wish that some of these outfit were lined so that I don’t have to rack my brain trying to imagine them lined. Like this is stunning but when it’s lined will it lose the effect?


Always down for a good cape dress. The embellishing makes me want to yell


Embellished cape jumpsuit??? It’s like he knew my innermost dreams. Change those pants to a skirt and I will sell my soul.


Chiffon everything yaaaaas plus that periwinkle blue is to die for


If we were having our wedding on the 1st floor of a building and we were driving his motor into the reception this is what I would wear no one can stop me


This is the quintessential Elie Saab gown that I absolutely love – feminine, ethereal, and hopefully if I get a food baby it won’t be that obvious. I like the addition of the fabric across the neck, but those feathers have got to go a girl needs to eat her ayam masak merah


Wishing u were lined so I can tell if this would work

(That detail though mmmmmm yessssss)




I want to wear this everyday. This would be the preferred look in the scenario where the mat and I zoom into our reception on his macho bike but that skirt might get caught in the wheels and we would have a disaster. So I’ll just wear it everyday instead. With the luxe headband too. All outfits must have that luxe headband.





Wedding dress inspiration – Week 1

Sooooo….remember when I said I was gonna just take Fatimah Mohsin’s bridal package and call it done (because I am lazy af)?

The past week I’ve been going through Instagram on the way to work and so far I haven’t seen anything on their Instagram that I am crazy in love with. They are pretty but they are not what I’d wear. Ugh WHY everything was all settled and I was so ready to just save up the money but now I have this nagging feeling in my gut that maybe I should take another company…and the gut is always right. Ok fine 99% of the time right but that 1% was so irrelevant I can’t even remember what it was.


110% what is happening right now / From The Awkward Yeti (check it out if u haven’t!)

So since I am now having this problem, I decided to start keeping track of the outfits I’ve seen that I love. Every week I’ll post whatever I have, and then by March I’ll have a small collection that I can refer to when I decide if I should really engage FM or find another bridal.

(Hopefully looking for the right bridal company or bridal outfits one year in advance isn’t too late *sweats nervously*)

Still trying to figure out the best way to display these images. For now hover over the picture for credits (All from Instagram this week, too busy to search elsewhere)

As you can tell there are 2 ways my outfits can go: 1) simple with a little extra 2) the most elaborate dress to outdress the rest.

I feel like I’m going to either have a blush gown or a blue gown (or maybe a light blue baju kurung for nikah?) because these are the main colours that I’ve been loving so far. Some quick notes on the photos above:

1) Kahwinkawin bridal has some outfits that are really up my alley but I feel like something is often amiss idk is the fit not right? Or could it be the material they use I’m not sure not a seamstress
2) The Versari Ade nikah oufit is the perfect combo of Indian and Malay I’m affected
3) The dress in the @lovingcouture photo is the foundations of my dream dress. Honestly, truly
4) The blue LA bridal abaya was posted much earlier on a mannequin. This is the abaya that started my LA bridal obsession
5) The pink ones with the gold trim and detailing are perfection and I know those are supposed to be bridesmaid dresses but who cares as long as I’m wearing something??
6) I am so, so, so tempted to fly up to KL and check out Fuzana Mokhtaza because her dresses are insanely gorgeous and I lust after almost every single one that is on her Instagram, but I am also aware that I am working on a limited budget and I sound a little bit crazy.
7) How frustrating is it that the FM gown I love is custom made?

Reminder to self

People will always have things to say about what you do for your wedding. Breathe in, breathe out, continue with life.

Also people will always say “up to you it’s your choice” since you are the bride. Yes it is my choice, so I will deal with the choices that I make.

Finish 17 in 2017

For the past year or so I’ve been watching more decluttering/Project Pan videos than makeup hauls. I’ve come to realise that I would be more satisfied owning a few products that I love rather than having everything but only liking 4 or 5 items that I use all the time.

2016 was a year where I got real w myself. I threw out a lot of things that were either far too old for me to use or I knew I wasn’t going to use. I really cut down on the amount of makeup and skincare products I bought.

Then a makeup shopping bug hit me hard and I felt the urge to buy everything. I think that happened because I was down to so few products. I actually finished some pretty big items (for me ah) like my bronzer of 4 ( yes. 4.) years and my two pressed powders so I felt like I could treat myself especially since I was now working.

Not gonna lie – Black Friday sales took most of my money. I made one order post-Christmas but end November was a wild time for my credit card. I’ve already used some of the items; some I know I will repurchase, others I know I would’t buy again.

After my last package came I haven’t had any urge to buy anything (thank god) since I am fully stocked. I reshuffled things here and there to fit in the new stuff and I realised that some items that work for me are getting old and I want to use them up because I enjoy using them and I’m afraid that they will go bad soon. And then there are items that I bought that I really don’t like and I want to use them up as quickly as I can (or at least enough for me to justify throwing it out). More importantly, I want to reduce the amount of things I have to bring to my future husband’s house next year. We actually to have to share a room with a fish tank and I dunno how we gonna do it considering my makeup and my clothes and his motor stuff.

So!!! After that long rambling introduction, here are the 17 items that I would like to finish this year. (Heads up – photos are not going to be spectacular)


Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray
Goal: Finish


Need to bring this to work and spray it on my face when the air-con gets too much because I definitely do not use this at home. This is why I have issues with value packs – I didn’t need this but I needed the other things in that set.

Nivea Makeup Removal Wipes 
Goal: Finish


Bought this when I was supposed to go to the mat’s place and I realised I had nothing to remove my makeup and I had to pray. I don’t even know if I want to use this for my face – they aren’t very saturated and are a little rough. These remind me of the 1 pound Primark ones, but in my memory the Primark ones are slightly more saturated. Might just use this to clean my makeup packaging and my dresser top.

My Scheming Blackhead Removing Mask 
Goal: Use half


I’m a little torn about this product…it works but it seems like my pores have gotten bigger too. I guess I’ll have to see what happens throughout the year.

Revlon Colourstay Foundation in 110 Warm Golden
Goal: Finish 


I think this is the oldest makeup item I own… I bought this in 2014 if I remember correctly. It served me well in uni since it kept me pretty matte and it was medium coverage (I always use a thin layer). There is so little left I can’t even mark the damn thing why don’t I use it??

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation in 170 Natural Beige 
Goal: Finish


A better colour match than the Warm Golden unless I stay out of the sun for too long.

Sleek Contouring and Blush Palette 
Goal: Hit pan on bronzer


This I bought either end 2014 or early 2015. I can already see the square dent that’s from the pan, so fingers crossed!

Clinique Chubby Stick for Eyes in Ample Amber 
Goal: Finish


I swatched it in Sephora and thought it was a close match to an eyeshadow I saw on Adelaide Kane. Turns out this is far more sheer and doesn’t build up very well. When you try to add more layers it can get patchy in some areas. I also need to use a primer underneath this otherwise it creases.

Silkygirl Perfect Sharp Eyeliner 
Goal: Finish


I needed eyeliner urgently and the Guardian that I stepped into only had a freaking Silkygirl counter. This eyeliner is certainly not my favourite – it bleeds, it’s not very black, and the felt tip is quite hard and it doesn’t layer very well. Using this has actually made me reduce my usage of eyeliner (I used to have eyeliner on everyday. Eyeliner over any other makeup product. I’m a Malay girl you shouldn’t be surprised).

Vaseline Lip Therapy in Rosy Lips 
Goal: Finish


I find that it locks in whatever moisture my lips have but does not add moisture to my lips. That’s a problem when you have some dry ass chapped lips like mine. I still use this on and off, but mostly use it now as a lipstick remover.

Dior Addict Lipstick in 871 Power
Goal: Finish


This was my present to myself when I got my first paycheck. Went to Sephora during the VIB sale, picked up this shade, tried it and loved it. Bought it immediately. Still love it and I don’t want it to go bad.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in 415 Pink in the Afternoon 
Goal: Finish


A case of “on the lips looks nothing like on the hand”. My lips are pretty pigmented so it looked pinker and lighter on my lips than on my hand/in the tube. The formula is good though and I find that the colour fades away nicely (aka doesn’t leave a nasty ring at the edge of your lips).

Clinique Chubby Stick Intense in Heftiest Hibiscus 
Goal: Use half


I bought this thinking “I’ll whiten my teeth then I can use this” but the reality is that my teeth has never been (and might never be) super white, and I feel that this colour makes my teeth appear more yellow. I wore it for the first time for D&D last year and I sort of like it (if I didn’t smile widely) so I’m going to try to make it work, maybe mix it with something else.

Palmer’s Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks 
Goal: Finish


This has been with me since 2014 because I was only using it on the stretch marks on my butt (which have faded slightly I think?) It is time to finish it, I don’t want this to go bad.

Sally Hansen Nail Polish Remover 
Goal: Finish



Palmer’s Hair Removal Cream 
Goal: Finish


It’s not as great as Nair but it is still much better than Veet, which stung like crazy AND dried the shit out of my skin.

Hask Macademia Hair Oil Treatment 
Goal: Finish


I use this to save my hair post-dye. It’s I think $7 and I get 4-5 uses out of it, definitely worth getting.

Rich Argan Oil Elixir  
Goal: Finish


I bought this because I couldn’t find the Hask hair oil anywhere and I was super desperate because my hair becomes a massive out-of-control frizzy disaster if I don’t use some sort of hair oil or leave-in conditioner to tame it. I don’t like it. Initially it didn’t seem to be working at all, but then my friend told me to use it when my hair was wet and then blow dry my hair instead of the other way round. I’ve seen better results since then but I have a bottle of rosehip oil waiting for me so I want to finish this as soon as I can.

I’ve marked whatever that can be marked, those that can’t be marked on the packaging I’ll most likely keep track using paper. I think I will be doing monthly updates so that I can remind myself “yo, you’re actually doing this” instead of a quarterly update that might lead to less progress. I know myself, I know that I need to hold my sloth self accountable otherwise I’ll take forever to finish up anything.

Let’s hope for some good progress next month!

The Expo Experience + main vendor booked!

If you are getting married in 2018 (and maybe 2019?) you would know that the MegaXpress Mega Weddings & Lifestyle Expo has been on since Thursday and practically every Malay wedding vendor is there trying to get you to sign up for their packages and tempt you with some wild discounts.

My cousin went on the first day and she told me that the expo was pretty damn big with a lot of popular vendors and also some new upcoming ones. She, the expo expert, suggested that I go on one day to check out all the vendors that I wanted to talk to and then come back the next day to book so that we could sleep on it or have any discussion if necessary (if you have parents then you know it will be necessary. No such thing as ‘do what you want it’s your wedding’ nope nope don’t believe don’t fall for the lies)

I told the mat about this and he suggested that we go on Saturday and then make any bookings by Saturday night/Sunday. I agreed because of 2 reasons:

  1. It was a shitty work week and I didn’t have the time to go to the expo on weekdays
  2. We had already viewed some potential locations (The Landmark, Serangoon Gardens Country Club, Warung in the East, Grassroots Club) and asked for the rates of others (D’resort, Aranda Country Club) back in November/December. Our parents felt that it made more sense to hold the wedding in the east or central because the bulk of our guests stayed in the east and it made no sense to make everyone go to the west for a wedding. We decided that Warung in the East was too mah fan for guests, D’Resort’s offer was too expensive for us and Aranda Country Club didn’t even get back to us, so it was down to three locations left.By the time the expo came round The Landmark was our first choice. Here’s why:
The Landmark The Grassroots’ Club SGCC
Location Central & accessible – I will not die going to the East Accessible – next to Yio Chu Kang MRT Kind of out of the way – Alight at Serangoon MRT and then take a feeder bus
Package & Price (as of December 2016 for 600 pax) Catering, decor (Sentimentals), mak andam (Fatimah Mohsin), invitation cards (printing not included), 1 hotel room, PA system, cake table. $38++ per pax Price of MPH, 32 tables, 320 chairs, stage, cake table, PA system and 1 changing room: $7,600. We were not keen on using their caterer in the packages, which meant sourcing on our own. Catering, decor (Tahta Tiara or Misyaz), berkat, invitation cards (printing not included), PA system, changing rooms, compl. parking for guests, floral centerpieces for all tables, wedding cake. $46+ per pax
Food “Not bad” “Pretty good” “Decent” Unfortunately no one had nice things to say about the caterer in their packages :/ Package has same caterer as The Grassroots’ Club POR QUE
Premises The Landmark restaurant and Red Velvet ballroom are next to the pool. If alfresco dining by the pool is your thing, you will be very excited about this. Whether you get one or two spaces depends on the no. of pax. The following applies to to the Red Velvet ballroom: It has an additional space outside for us to either put some tables for alfresco dining or just chairs so that our guests could chill by the poolside under shelter which really appealed to us. You can also set up a photobooth there. Buffet is outside the ballroom. Ballroom is pretty spacious. Super spacious MPH, which is probably why Anggun and Saiful Imran can always do those massive pelamins. If you are wiling to pay the price to do up those ceiling high pelamins it will look amazing. Space just outside MPH can be used for photobooth, there is also a large communal sitting area and a small garden. Only one toilet on every floor (at least for ladies). If you are looking to bring in your own caterer, they must have central kitchen as TGC does not allow cooking onsite. Otherwise, you will have to book a void deck nearby.* Ballroom takes up almost whole of 2nd floor – ideal for privacy. Kitchen and changing rooms are on the same floor as well. Ample space to put 15-20 tables plus berkat table and larger than usual pelamin.   Pelamin done by Tahta Tiara on that day was beautiful. Two buffet lines, helpful for peak periods. We had to climb stairs to reach main entrance, take note if you have a lot of old people coming to the wedding. Lift is under renovation this year, best to check.
Timing Lunch: 12 to 4.30
Dinner: 6.30 to 10
7 hour booking 8 hour booking (again if I recall correctly)

*Caterers who do not have central kitchen will normally charge additional if they have to cook elsewhere and transport the food to the venue.

The Grassroots’ Club was a strong contender since we liked the place and we could have the space for a full 7 hours. But the thought of having to deal with multiple vendors instead of just most things under one roof was not very appealing. The cooking constraints was also a bummer for us since we had very good caterers in mind but unfortunately they did not have a central kitchen. Our calculations also showed that it was likely that having the wedding at The Grassroots’ Club would incur higher cost.

Three strikes meant that we had a winner.

So on Saturday after Zohor we had a quick lunch and made our way to Expo.Finally got to the wedding expo after freaking 20 minutes of waiting for a lot and lo and behold, like a sign from God, the first booth we saw was The Landmark.

Image taken from The Landmark’s Facebook

All those hanging flowers are so pretty in real life, it’s such a shame they don’t translate as well in photos. The Landmark’s decor company, Sentimentals, does this backdrop for a lot of their clients (as you can tell I have been doing some stalking) but doing something like this would mean added cost since this is not the basic pelamin they include in their package. For the record, the mat and I are actually okay with the basic pelamin. I didn’t think it was basic at all but I don’t have a specific pelamin in my head so who knows? I guess the term ‘basic’ varies from person to person.

Image taken from The Landmark’s Facebook

I regret not taking a frontal view of the invitation cards because I thought the floral ones were very pretty. The mat had his eye on the black one, which I didn’t really look at because I was too busy looking at the other two lol. Not gonna lie, the cards were beyond my expectations. I had expected a boring hotel-provided card (like the ones standing) but the Landmark proved me wrong.

It just so happened that Encik Hamzah, the person who we had met previously to take a look at the place, was at the booth. And he sat down with us and basically told us kalau tak book kat expo rugi (not his exact words but you know what I mean). And when we heard what was going to be thrown in for the expo package it was basically impossible to say no. It was everything that was originally promised (catering, decor, invitation cards minus printing, bridal) PLUS:

  1. Invitation card printing
  2. Berkat
  3. Prayer room

Which basically meant everything was settled for us???

(We aren’t exchanging gubahan fyi)

The only thing that held us back was that we were unsure whether our event was going to be on a Saturday or a Sunday because his mother didn’t want a Saturday afternoon wedding since there are people who work half day/shift and that was the slot that my parents preferred. But since we knew for sure that we were going to book the place, Encik Hamzah took down our details and he went though what we were going to be given in the package. One thing that I remembered liking when talking to him back in December was how to the point he was. No such thing as holding back prices or “we will see how when you book” – he told us matter-of-factly how much things were if we wanted to add on something, if we could exchange one thing in the package for something else, and showed us examples of what previous couples had done for their wedding. I felt comfortable dealing with him and I think that’s very important if you’re going to let a vendor run literally your entire wedding. We told him that we would be back tomorrow with our final decision, he said okay and kindly gave us a voucher for Fatimah Mohsin “to upgrade your bridal”.

Originally I had the intention to forgo the Fatimah Mohsin bridal included in the package and replace it with a dish or two because I wasn’t too keen on a mak andam creating a new face for me. I know that fair skin tones, coloured contacts, Instagram brows and nose contour are all the rage for many Malay brides (and that’s not wrong at all! You do you) but that was not what I was into. And since I’ve read people saying that mak andams can be quite difficult when you request for something that isn’t what they usually do, I decided it would probably be best if I got a friend of mine to do my hair and makeup for me. Also, I was kind of madly in love with Lulu Alhadad Bridal’s designs I mean:


So pretty??? And it looks like a lot of her dresses/gowns aren’t very fitted so maybe don’t have to wear corset yisssss / Images taken from LA Bridal’s Instagram

However over the past month I figured I would ask them if they can just loan me one baju kurung and one gown and I don’t have to fork out the money for another bridal company or tailor my outfits, which might be another headache altogether. We stopped by the Fatimah Mohsin booth to check and it turns out they did allow me to loan 2 oufits. The “upgrade” turned out to be additional number of outfits which I knew he was not going to be into and I myself felt it was a bit extreme to have 3/4 outfits in 4? 5? hours. Surprisingly, the mat suddenly changed his mind about tailoring a baju kurung and a suit “since this is in the package” and the ladies there were all agreeing that he should take the outfits in the package also.

So now neither of us has to tailor anything and we just have to set an appointment three months before our wedding for the fitting. *fistpump*


I mean there has to be something that catches my eye… right? / Images taken from Fatimah Mohsin TWG Instagram

We ended up booking a pre/post wedding photoshoot with Bridal Concepts because they gave us an extremely good deal but that was really an impulse booking that we made on the spot because they entertained us for so long and the deal was really very good. I can’t say much because I didn’t think about having a photoshoot since we were trying to keep to our budget but since The Landmark package was all inclusive (plus a $1k discount!) we figured we could have this just for ourselves. Maybe after we do the photoshoot I’ll talk more about it.

We decided that the mat would go on his own because it made no sense for him to pick me up from the dreaded west, drive back to the east, and then drive me back to the west just to make a deposit and sign the contract.

We went home after dinner and had a chat with our respective parents (or for me, a slight interrogation with a hint of ‘why on earth did you not ask this question???’) and last night was a real pain for me but today my mom seems alright with the idea that we are going to have a dinner wedding on Saturday. I asked the mat to ask Encik Hamzah the more important questions that my mom had and I received very satisfactory answers.

So a Saturday night wedding at The Landmark by the pool is a go, Alhamdulillah!

The List and the listless

I think almost every Malay bride has had the problem of who to invite. Not friends, no, although those can be pretty tricky as well, but family. Parents’ cousins, grandparents’ cousins, aunty’s sister’s cousin twice removed…eventually you will be sitting at the pelamin smiling at some people that you do not recognize at all. That is the Malay circle of life, generations have faced this issue.

At the back of my mind I always knew I was going to have to face this. My father has 9 siblings and countless cousins. My mother grew up with 10 aunties and uncles around her age. There was no way I could have that 300 pax wedding for The Colonial on Scotts unless I didn’t invite a ton of people and risked facing their wrath during Hari Raya. You might say “Eh don’t care what people say just do what you want!”. That’s not how life works. Also, I’m too lazy to deal with future shade just because some makcik didn’t get an invite.

When the mat came to meminang his side said that they were inviting 100 pax, which made my side the annoying side that couldn’t get any finalized numbers. After procrastinating for a month or so (the mat and I began checking out venues in December after he suddenly decided to call a whole bunch of places and arranged for us to view them. Yes, you heard it here – the groom began the wedding prep. In my defence I was waiting for 2017 which was only one month away) my parents realised they had to get a finalized number so that we could book the venue we wanted.

So yesterday we went to the paternal grandma’s house to calculate the number together with a few other relatives, and today my parents went to my maternal grandma’s house.

All this while I had prepared myself for 700-800 pax since that was what my parents had kept telling me. But lo and behold: the final number, including the mat’s side, was a little under 550.

Of course this was #news because 1) I’m saving that dolla dolla by not taking a 1000 pax package 2) I might just recognize 90% of the people who are attending what kind of miracle??

And now the only one left who hasn’t firmed up who they want to invite…is me. The biggest procrastinator continues to be the bride. Don’t get me wrong, I have an idea of who I’m definitely inviting, but there are those friends who used to be the ones I hung out with all the damn time and now we don’t even like each other’s photos on Instagram. If I don’t invite them our mutual friends will ask me why I didn’t invite them. But then if I do invite them it’s a bit like errrrr we haven’t talked in years why are you inviting me? Also do I really want them to be at my wedding? This is such a first-world problem.

New year new me

“What are you going to do for New Years?”
“Get engaged”

Finally the minang part is over and I can continue my life. Oh my god just a simple meminang and there was so much DRAMA I am genuinely concerned about the wedding because in a span of one and a half weeks there was a near war so what is going to happen over the course of the next year? But let me start this tale from the beginning –

The mat and I have zero knowledge about the Malay process of marriage and it turns out there is more than just tunang (engagement) and kahwin (marriage). Our agreement back in November was simple: we don’t intend to tunang because we don’t see the need for it so we going straight for the home run.

Obviously life will not be that simple I don’t know why I thought it was going to be that easy??

My mother kept asking me when he was going to chope me. “How can you all discuss the ring and the location when we haven’t met his side? Bila nak minang?”

So I the sotong went to ask him that, and the blind was leading the blind because his response was “Huh why need to minang? We talking about where to hold the wedding still need to chope you??”

The next day he confirmed that yes, he will have to send a minang party down. And he explained to me the difference between merisik and meminang and tunang – all of which we thought we could skip but I guess not since all our parents 100% disagreed. Meminang it was.

Meminang also meant getting a ring which led to me sitting in a jewellery store squinting at solitaires, with a bored mat on my left and a future MIL on my right, trying my best to remember the crash course on choosing diamonds that my manager gave me the week before. Less than a week later, the mat asked if the minang party could come down on the 1st. My mother, delighted that finally there was some sense in this relationship, agreed immediately. Since there were going to be 6 people on his side, my mother decided to invite my uncle, my aunty and my nenek.

All hell broke loose.

My nenek the dictator did what she has been doing all her life – dictate. No, we were not going to sit on chairs because we are MALAY and MALAY PEOPLE SIT ON THE FLOOR. No, we were not going to just serve them snacks even though it was tea time because we are MALAY so there is going to be proper food. It came to a point where my mother had a big argument with her two days before the 1st and by then I was done with this minang business. I just wanted it over and done with because every dinner conversation was about what my nenek wanted. It was exhausting. I was on leave for half of the week and it was exhausting that was how ridiculous it was.

So finally the 1st came and the meminang party came and no one was killed (just some shade) so alhamdulillah I consider it a success…

…except for the damn photos.



TREAT YOSELF: If you are doing a big event when you tunang just pay for the damn photographer. If you are doing a small one like me and you don’t have anyone in the family who is good at taking photos idk try to ask a friend who you know who does (of course offer to pay or give something quality in return don’t be a cheapskate) because telling my brother to do it led to photos that were blurry/had 50% tikar/had derp faces. He might call it ‘natural’, I readily disagree. Alternatively, you will have to instruct the person on how to take good photos (and frankly when you are the one who is being choped you have no time for this)

So one chapter is done – he has followed the words of Beyonce, everyone is still alive and there are no enemies. We are very much aware that this is only the tip of the iceberg and there is going to be a lot more challenges over the next year but you gotta do what u gotta do, u know?

No seriously how do some people marry more than once this shit would deter me from marrying altogether if I didn’t have a mat I was stupidly in love with smh